Ying “Sunny” Sun ‘06

Kelly Chan

House: Eliot

Concentration: Applied Math

Hometown: Beijing

Ideal Date: Great food and even better conversation.

Best way for a guy to get your attention: Playing a sport intensely.

Where to find you on a Saturday night: Dance floor of a party.

First thing you notice about a guy: His smile.

Freshman boys or senior men?: Whichever is more mature.

Your best pick-up line: Wanna plot some curves?

Best or worst lie you’ve ever told: No English, tee hee hee.

Favorite childhood toy: A kaleidoscope.

Sexiest physical trait: My cheekbones.

Favorite part about Harvard: Sorry, what happens in the suite stays in the suite.

Least favorite part about Harvard: Snow in April.

Describe yourself in three words: Nerd at heart.

In 15 minutes you are: Watching a Bollywood movie with Elissa.

In 15 years you are: Running my own international NGO.