15 Bad Acronyms

There are some things in life that are undeniably enjoyable: ice cream on a warm day, money with which to throw parties and, of course, concise club names. But some students have lost sight of this last one, choosing names that leave their clubs with unfortunate acronyms or throwing in unnecessary words to achieve cutesy backronyms. Either way, FM (note: only two letters) presents the fifteen worst, and occasionally fictional, in its mission to shame people into better club names.

1) Harvard College Chinese Chess Club (HCCCC)

2) Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA)

3) Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Group (MHAAG)

4) Harvard College Association of Practice and Learning of Yan Xin Life Science and Technology (HCAOPALOYXLSAT)

5) Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe (STAHR)

6) Circle of Students: Reach and Teach Across Borders (COSRATAB)

7) Recreational Experience and Arts Creativity with Harvard (REACH)

8) Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC)

9) Harvard College Venture Capital and Private Equity Club (HCVCPE)

10) The Alaska Klub of Harvard University (TAKOHU)

11) Organization of Asian American Sisters in Service (OAASIS)

12) Harvard and Radcliffe Musical Outreach to Neighborhood Youth (HARMONY)

13) Music in Hospitals and Nursing Homes Using Entertainment as Therapy (MIHNHUET)

14) Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (AMBLE)

15) Organization of Undergraduate Representatives of the Harvard University Art Museums (OUR HUAM)

Let this be a lesson to you.