Hey Hooters of Wethersfield Manager Scott Yarnall!

How do I become a waiter?

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Johnattan A Leon

Hooters: against male gynecologists?

The 1,115 students in Moral Reasoning 22: Justice were recently assigned a paper that asked students to discuss whether “gender discrimination in hiring always unjust,” using examples such as male gynecologists and waitresses at Hooters. Instead of pondering the issue in an essay, FM decided to call in the experts:

FM: “Hey, Hooters of Wethersfield manager Scott Yarnall, I’m a male gynecologist. How do I become a waiter?”

Hooters: “Well…we do have other opportunities for you. Like, in the kitchen.”

FM: “Oh.”

Hooters: “We just can’t hire you because of our BFOQ standards.”

FM: “What?”

Hooters: “The BFOQ standards.”

Sorry gents! Apparently BFOQ, bona fide occupational qualifications, is the terminology Hooters uses to say that you need a pair of breasts to be a waiter.

So there you have it, Justice students: BFOQ standards!