Love it or Hate it: Third Eye Blind

FM’s associate editors sound off on the group whose “semi-charm” may or may not have faded for Harvard students

Third Eye Blind: My Anti-Drug?

Look, I understand that all of the rules of music snobbery dictate that I am no longer cool if I express my fondness for a band that talked about suicide in a non-detached ironic way. (Please don’t step out from that ledge, my friend! Please!) Whatever. Third Eye Blind remains perhaps the only band I know of that somehow willingly tricked parents into letting their children listen to songs encouraging cocaine and crystal meth use. What could they do? “Two lines of coke I cut with Drano/And her nose starts to bleed/A most beautiful ruby red” is a great lyric.

So real college be damned. I am ecstatic that the CEB finally embraced Yardfest’s permanent junior high theme. For once, I don’t want something else.

—Kimberly E. Gittleson


I haven’t thought about Third Eye Blind since my eighth-grade formal, when I prayed as I looked down at the top of my date’s head that our slow-dance to “Deep Inside of You” might never end. But, really, even then I knew those halcyon days of ill-fitting retainers and skipping lunch period to read “The Bell Jar” and pity myself had to come to an end. Which is why I’m kind of confused—3EB? This millenium? Really? Like, they’re totally a good band and all (Mid-90s Locution Alert: “…NOT”). And I admire lead singer Stephan Jenkins’ long-term dedication to being an unrepentant rock star diva, even though he’s not actually a rock star anymore. But I’ve always thought that the point of Yardfest is to bring a band to campus that students keep liking even after their voices change. Middle school was only seven years ago, I guess.

—Alwa A. Cooper