Shuttling to the Sound Studio

If attending the recent DJ Tiësto concert has emboldened you to fulfill your destiny of becoming a global electronic sensation, but you are stumped on how to share your musical genius with the rest of the world, look no further than the Quad.

Unbeknownst to many students, nestled deep in the basement of Pfoho’s Holmes Hall lies a brightly colored yet hidden musical lair: the Quad Sound Studios (QSS). QSS is a student run recording studio available to both Harvard students and members of the community at large who are looking for an affordable option to record their musical projects with high quality and professional equipment.

“We work with student classical groups, larger string ensembles, as well as a cappella and more contemporary jazz groups, rock bands, and acoustic singer/songwriters—basically any sort of audio recording project,” says R. Derek Wetzel ’10, co-president of QSS, singer for on-campus band Stealth Foxx, and also a Crimson Arts writer.

So far this year, the studio has been very quiet. There are only three members, who replace equipment and sort through documents to get the studio running in full force by the spring.

“Not many people jam here. It’s more people sign up to use the space, come in, and leave,” says Ben C. Cosgrove ’10, co-president.

Students who want full access to the studio must first go through a rigorous comp this winter and commit to taking on clients once they become members.

However, for students looking for a place to rock out when common room Guitar Hero gets old, QSS is not the answer.

“We are definitely looking for guys who are very interested in pushing it, not just going in there and jamming with some friends. We really want to avoid making it into another music practice space,” says Michael R. Polino ’11, vice president and in demand DJ.

So maybe it is time to get serious about that DJ career——if you can make it all the way to the Quad.