Greek Greetings in Anthropologie

Meet the Greeks
Alice H Shen

The Panhellenic Council’s first fall open house, “Meet the Greeks,” was held at the Anthropologie store in Harvard Square this past Wednesday.

Hundreds of students flocked through the gloom of night last Wednesday to arrive at the first annual Ancient Greece discussion at the Department of Anthropology.

It was an oddly feminine affair, with only women in attendance. It seems as though the male gender’s interest had diminished.

Unfortunately, cultural awareness was low. The attire at the event ranged from business casual to semi-formal, and toga-wearers were frowned upon. Topics included Greek life and cupcakes, an odd interdisciplinary approach. Moreover, the keynote speakers seemed to miss the point of the event.

Knowledge of Ancient Greek history was slim to none, and many speakers refused to divulge any information on the subject, even after pertinent questions were asked concerning ancient Greek life. When asked whether they enjoyed Aristotle more so than Plato, the speakers evaded the question and threw cupcakes at surprised attendees.

To be fair, there were kind (deluded) women insisting that the items in the Department of Anthropology were “for sale,” and that the guests could “shop” when the event was over.

All in all, it was a glorious event filled with delightful chatter and a conspicuous lack of knowledge about anything, be it Greek or otherwise. It appears as though we must save our Philhellenism for another event, dear grecophiles. Until next time.