Challenging Shaq

Perhaps best known for his legendary athletic career, starring role in “Kazaam”, and towering 7’1” stature, Shaquille O’Neal (aka Shaq, Shamroq, and Wilt Chamberneezy) also boasts a collection of four rap albums, the first of which (“Shaq Diesel”) went platinum. As he claims in one of his top singles, “(I Know I Got) Skillz,” Shaq has never been shy about throwing down. Here is what FM had to say to the multi-media mogul.

Dear Shaq,

We at FM want to congratulate you on your retirement from the NBA by challenging you to a competition with a different kind of hustle (and flow). You never drop the ball on the court, but will you drop the beat on the street? You know what we’re getting at—the illustrious rap battle. Used to settle the score for generations, this is the one and only platform of choice.

So here’s what’s at stake: If we win, we would love the opportunity to sit down with you for an interview (15 Questions to be exact). And if you win, well, you can name the terms.

We also figured that since we’ve had the chance to sample your tracks and see what we’re up against, it wouldn’t be fair unless you could do the same. Check it:

Here since before Franky D.R., since 1885,

Crimson been getting out the story err’day we alive,

For the moment, in the meantime, always stuntin’, never behind,

No matter the situation, though, we make the headlines,

You craving a venn diagram, a 15 list du jour?

Shit, we’ll get you laughin’ yo’ ass off while you rolling on the floor,

Interviews with Wu-Tang, Goodall, and Christakis,

FM’s your resource every Thursday for more than 15 Hottest.

So hit us up, you know what you gotta do,

Turn us down? Man, only one lookin’ bad be you.

So what do you say, Shaq? The ball’s in your court.

Keep on keeping on,



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