La Creperie Reborn– Introducing Canteen

La Creperie/Arrow Street Crepes was never able to decide on one name. Now, it has abandoned both, in favor of a new incarnation. The Mass. Ave. institution closed shop in December due to financial difficulties after serving the Harvard Square community for a dozen years, but crepe lovers and HUHDS detractors can find solace down the street.

Jim “Jimmy” Murray, former Creperie owner, and Aaron M. Siegel moved two blocks down the street and launched a new project: Canteen.

Located at 983 Mass. Ave., a leisurely stroll from their old storefront at 1154, Canteen is still convenient for Harvard students, and its owners hope to keep a connection to the University. “We know how important Harvard students are to our business, and we want to show appreciation for their loyalty,” Murray assured FM.

Murray plans to bring special music nights to Canteen and offer deep student discounts. He has been talking to the Harvard Student Agency to set up these deals. They are already implementing changes to appeal to this demographic, such as moving their closing hours from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., and lowering the price of crepes.

To appease La Creperie enthusiasts, Murray has brought 85 percent of the popular menu from La Creperie to Canteen.

However, Murray emphasizes that his new venture has a personality all its own: a slow food dining experience and a push toward sustainability. Murray and Siegel are implementing green measures in hopes of attaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, consisting of buying local ingredients and other initiatives.

While they may have had difficulty sticking with a name and a location, according to Murray, they’ve kept one thing the same: “We’re foodies.”