Coffee & Coffee, Date

You may have noticed the new labels on your d-hall’s coffee dispensers, but you probably don’t know their stories.

Like flavor number four, she was rich, elegant, and complex. He, number five, was bold, dark, intense.

Dipping into our imagination, FM explores where they’ve bean. What is this about? It’s the subject on the tip of everyone’s tongues: love. This is the story of two coffee mates for life.

He sat next to her every day, but lately, something was different. It was the same for her. Something inside of them had changed.

For hours, they felt the energy sizzling between them, but neither had the courage to speak. His fear of getting burned had held him back, but all at once he was tired of the dull grind.  Now was the time to be bold.

Before, he had felt pressured, like something was pressing down on his head, trying to drain him, but suddenly it just spilled out: “You’ve been keeping me up at night.”

With the silence broken, the barrier between them dissolved. She had had many beaux before, some full-bodied, some bitter, some velvety smooth, but none like this café noir. Last night she was empty, but now she was overflowing, and things got hot fast. “I want to wake up to you in the morning.”

In all of her relationships, she had never felt full-filled. She was used to the finer things, and people had always only wanted her for her richness. They only took, and never gave. He looked different, but was he? He had a dark past. Maybe things weren’t different after all.

“Au revoir, mon cherie,” she whispered in French, pressing against him—but he wasn’t ready to let go of what was brewing ....