AMAZING!!!: Firefighting Wands!

Fighting Fire with Electrons
Gregory B. Johnston

This just in from the FM science department: electric wands that magically put out fires! Harvard University researchers have discovered how to extinguish flames using electromagnetic fields, which pull hot flames away from the fuel that hasn’t been burnt and stops the fire from burning. It’s like blowing out a candle, Kyle J. M. Bishop, one of the researchers involved with the project, told The Crimson—except so much cooler.

As if real-life magic wands (read: lightsabers) weren’t enough, these futuristic fire extinguishers also come with accessories. (FM loves accessories.) All you need to put out the flames is a wand attached to a sweet mod backpack with a 600-watt amplifier, about as much power as a car stereo. When these wands were tested, they could quickly put out fires up to 18 inches high—and that’s a lot of fire, people.

But the wands don’t just put out fires—they also separate flames so firefighters can walk straight through walls of fire. The wands can shoot out beams of electricity that move and shape the blaze like they own it.

The research team is also developing methods to extinguish flames with sound waves. Think giant subwoofers that are big enough to put out forest fires. Maybe you can pick your own song as well ... Johnny Cash, anyone?