Next time you happen to find yourself attending a Wednesday night suit-and-bowtie event, consider doing yourself a favor and preparing for the imminent morning after. Next-day dizzies can easily be prevented by prolonging them with a simple concoction that sounds about as happy as it tastes. And with ingredients available in any dining hall courtesy of HUHDS, you can be sure that this Punch will always be nonexclusive and free (almost).  Cheers to good drinking and a solidly delayed hangover!

Strawberry Lemonade Punch!From a practical standpoint, no one in your 10 a.m. section will take a second glance at your water bottle filled with innocent pink lemonade.

Ingredients:Yield: Another big punch bowl

Equal parts Minute Maid Lemonade and Strawberry André1 handful lemon wedges (get crafty and hoard them from your dining hall’s tea station)Ice

Mornin’ Sunshine Punch!The name says it all ... time to drag your ass out of bed, sunshine!

Ingredients:Yield: 1 big punch bowl

1 Nalgene of HUHDS orange juice1 Nalgene of HUHDS cranberry cocktail juice1 Nalgene of SpriteCitrus-flavored vodka to taste (Rubinoff may be substituted)Ice