Jane Blake

Kathryn C. Reed

Now did I ever tell you about the time that I met Tommy Tune? Oh that was a great show. Right over here in the Colonial, can you believe that? You must go see a show. I have a clipping I saved about it somewhere at home. And I met James Taylor. Never did like James Taylor myself. No, he was bald. And Paul Newman—you know he wrote Lisa after she named her horse after him? Wrote her a letter himself! Imagine that. But now I haven’t finished telling you about Tommy Tune at the Colonial.

You know I can remember this city back seventy years ago? On Friday nights we used to go cruising up and down the streets, all the boys in their nice cars. And we went on dates, oh sure. Big groups of us—boys and girls. But my best boyfriend was Frank Blow. That was before Bill of course. And he has a widow now. But we wrote each other for years. For years and years. Oh Frank Blow, forever. Always.

Now what do you think that is out over there? It looks like the harbor to me. I’m not sure. I think it’s a harbor. Never seen a harbor in all my sixty years here but that’s what I think it is. I wonder how the ships get this far in.

Oh no, oh dear. I think I have to go. How do you know when you have to go? How will I know? We should probably call someone. Should we call? I just don’t know anymore how to tell. This always seems to happen. Do you think we should call? I think maybe it’s passed. Maybe let’s call soon. Yes, I think I will have to go soon.

You know it’s my birthday this weekend. Eighty-five. My whole family is coming for my birthday. Even Lisa—she’s the one from Texas. She’s the one calling so many times every week. They will all be here and I will be eighty-five years old.

When are they getting in? Where are Lisa and Jonathan and Leslie? I do wish they would get their arrangements in order. They need to get their schedules aligned. I’m really not sure there’s time. When is anyone coming?

It was nice visiting with you today but I feel so tired. I think I’ll rest. But I do hope they get here soon. It hurts and hurts. I wish I could just go home. When I get outa here, first thing I wanna do is take a drive up those mountains over there so I can take a look at where I’ve been looking from. A harbor. Where has it been all this time? I can’t imagine how I’ve missed it.