Your Ideal Harvard Sex Spot

Everyone who has ever taken a Harvard tour knows that what we’ll call an "after hours visit" to the Widener stacks is one of the three things you are supposed to do in college. But why stop there? From the Belltower of Pfoho to the labyrinths of Mather, there are tons of escapades waiting for you (and a partner). When you’re ready for the big leagues, take this quiz to determine your next Harvard sex spot.

1. With which of the following HUDS meals would you choose to spend the rest of your life?

a. Lentil Portabella Patty

b. Beef Fajita Alfredo Fettuccini

c. Red Spice Chicken

d. Loco Moco

2. Who is your professor crush?

a. Niall Ferguson

b. Steven Pinker

c. Harvey Mansfield

d. Matthew Kaiser

3. With which of your freshman advisors would you make out?

a. PAF

b. Academic Advisor

c. Proctor