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Of Classmates and Congo Bars

Like some prophet of Holy Writ, Seth A. Riddley ’12 woke from his sleep early a few nights ago with a vision. It was not of angels climbing up and down ladders, or of cattle rising from the River Nile. It was something rather more modest, but equally inspired—the thought of Harvard students, strangers to each other but eager to meet new people, having lunch together. At 1 a.m. that night, after researching some website mechanics, Riddley created

Y(F)ale's H-Y T-shirt

While this year marks the 135th anniversary of The Game, it also marks Yale’s continuing tradition of poorly themed H-Y swag (remember last year’s mildly offensive but mostly bizzare "Sissy" tees?).

Displaying that famous blue background and white type, this year’s Yale T-shirt mocks Harvard through the lens of “The Social Network” by titling it "Harvard, the anti-social network." Clever, we must say (or not).

Kirkland's New Security Doors

An e-mail circulating the Kirkland House list reports that several students, and even Kirkland’s building manager, Resident Dean, and House Masters, were unfortunate victims of Kirland’s belatedly installed card access system, rendering them unable to enter the Dining Hall.

Oct. 24 - Nov. 7: Sleeping in the Bathroom

Over the last few weeks, HUPD has responded to a fair amount of “suspicious activity” and an extraordinary number of incidents involving people sleeping in the Holyoke Center’s bathroom. As part of our Securitas series, we’ve combed through HUPD log entries from the last few weeks and published some of the more colorful entries below.


Reports of “loud part[ies]”: 13

Reports of “suspicious activity”: 16

Reports of “unwanted guest[s]”: 19

Total value of stolen bikes: $2,170.00

Total value of stolen computers: $2,700.00

Total value of misplaced flutes: $9,000.00

Interactive Justice, From the Comfort of Your Own Bed

Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel hosted his own call-in show this Sunday in a live, interactive discussion via the telephone. The so-called “teleforum” brought Sandel's famous Ethical Reasoning 22 course to pre-registered listeners across the country. Each participant received a phone call at 5 p.m. this past Sunday and got tapped into the tele-classroom.

Ask Dr. Roger

Have a question about medicine you've been dying to ask? Dr. Roger Kapoor, a medical resident who specializes in dermatology, is taking skin-related or general medicine questions. E-mail us at or leave us a comment.

Dr. Roger Kapoor specializes in dermatology and is currently completing the final year of his residency at Harvard. He trains at all Harvard-affiliated hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

A Sampling of Harvard-Yale Shirts

The only thing more important than having Harvard spirit in your heart at this year’s Game is wearing it on your sleeve—with an anti-Yale T-shirt. Once again, various students and organizations are offering T-shirts that will hopefully propel the Crimson to a win. Here is a sampling:

CSA Hosts Iron Chef Competition

Yesterday night, the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Student Association Iron Chef competition began, unexpectedly, with an original rap to the instrumental of “Like a G6” delivered by Joshua C. Zhang ’14 and Eric Lu ’14. The rap set the stage for the irreverent tone of the evening, established the rules of the competition, and announced the prize: a $30 gift card to Finale.

The three teams participating in the Iron Chef competition were told a few days ago that they would have to make three dishes, including a dessert, that all had to utilize the secret ingredient: pineapple. During the day, each team camped out in a different Yard kitchen to make their dishes.

Consent Is Sexy

Looking for ways to be sexy? Harvard’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response has two suggestions: 1. Get consent. 2. Wear an OSAPR t-shirt.

The OSAPR Student Alliance will be giving away ten free “Consent is Sexy” t-shirts to the students who offer the most creative and effective ways to ask for consent before engaging in sexual intercourse. Suggestions must be e-mailed to by Nov. 12, with the subject line “Consent Contest.”

John Harvard's All Grown Up

This afternoon at 2:18 p.m., the John Harvard statue was treated to a free makeover, courtesy of Harvard Hillel.

In anticipation of Hillel’s biggest party of the year, a crowd of students danced, sang Klezmer songs, and waved signs reading "John Harvard’s Bar Mitzvah." The group also adorned the statue with traditional bar mitzvah accoutrements: a kippa (skullcap) and a tallis (prayer shawl).

How to Not Lose Sleep Over Firesheep

Odds are you’ve heard about the Firesheep hysteria by now. If you still aren’t sure what to do about it, here’s a short guide to help keep your Internet experience safe.

One dangerous aspect of Firesheep is that it affects popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, according to CS50 professor David J. Malan ’99. The reason for such widespread susceptibility is that many websites do not use protocols for security over the internet (also known as SSL) and are thus not very secure.

Four Views on Four Loko

You may recall receiving an e-mail from the College last Friday that warned against drinking Four Loko. We asked four people what they thought of the hype around the drink that a UHS administrator called "badness in a can."

Video by Marley R. Cogan, Andrew J. Petschek, and Xi Yu/The Harvard Crimson.

Spring Break Trips You Can Apply For

Spring Break may seem far away, but application deadlines for trip opportunities through student groups are fast approaching. While some trips have already concluded their interview processes, others are still open to applicants. If you’re at all tempted by the idea of spending Spring Break in Morocco, Honduras, Beijing, El Salvador, or even somewhere exotic within the United States, see below for details, application deadlines, and a few exciting facts.

Harvard College Social Enterprise Association (HCSEA) Trip to Beijing

The HCSEA is hosting a trip to the Beijing Dandelion School for Migrant Worker Children. This opportunity will allow participants to become mentors for a week, teaching eighth grade migrant students who truly appreciate the help. At the same time, participants will have the chance to see many of the wonderful sites through Beijing. There is no Chinese language requirement for the trip.

Application Due Date: Sunday, Nov. 7

Tribe's Letter to Obama

In May 2009, shortly after the retirement of Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter '61, Carl M. Loeb University Professor Laurence H. Tribe '62 wrote a short letter to President Obama, in which he laid out the case for appointing the recently departed Dean of Harvard Law School, Elena Kagan, and the case against appointing Sonia M. Sotomayor.  The letter, recently posted by former Bush administration lawyer M. Edward Whelan III '81 on the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s website, has garnered significant attention in the media for Tribe’s frank characterizations of those serving alongside Justice Souter and those being considered to replace him.

Apps for Optional Winter Activities Week Due Soon

If you’re looking for a way to fund your final week of J-term frivolity, the Undergraduate Council is here to help. But get your applications in fast—the deadline for Optional Winter Activities Week funding is Sunday, Nov. 7.

The UC is providing the means for students to create their own programs during the OWAW, which will take place from Jan. 16-23. Any Harvard undergraduate can apply for funding on the UC website.

Midterm Elections: Why Harvard Lost

While the Republicans are celebrating their recent gains in the House of Representatives, some Harvard alumni might be less than pleased with the election results.

In this election, 13 Harvard alumni ran for governor. 11 lost. (Tom C. Foley '75 has still not conceded in Connecticut.) In fact, the only two Harvard grads who won gubernatorial elections were incumbents: Deval L. Patrick '78 of Massachusetts and John H. Lynch (HBS '79) of New Hampshire.

So why didn't Harvard alumni fare so well this year? In the current "year of anti-elitism," a Harvard diploma may have actually been a disadvantage for candidates.

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