Spring break is over and you’re back to the same old grind: completing psets, writing papers, attending meetings, and complaining about dining hall food. Gather up some of that leftover vacation energy and indulge in Boston Restaurant Week.

For two weeks (March 18-23 and 25-30), you can get a three-course dinner at one of Boston’s most expensive restaurants for $33.12, a three-course lunch for $20.12, and a two-course lunch for $15.12. Various locations in Cambridge are participating as well.

Oceanaire Seafood Room: Because you don’t eat red meat

If you were scared by the recent Harvard study about how red meat could shorten your lifespan, put your mind at ease and head to downtown Boston for some seafood at Oceanaire Seafood Room. They have fresh ingredients delivered everyday. Fried calamari to start, crab cakes for the main course, and milk and cookies for dessert? Sounds healthy to Flyby.

40 Court Street, Boston

Mooo: Because you love eating meat

So your life will be a little bit shorter, but at least you’ll be happy. If eating at a restaurant named after the sound that your dinner once made doesn’t faze you, treat yourself to a steak dinner at Mooo. With a broiled 12 oz. N.Y. sirloin, who said everything is bigger in Texas?

15 Beacon Street, Boston

The Elephant Walk: Because you’re ready to eat something you’ve never eaten before

Nyuom trasak with soba noodles is one of the many unique entrees available at this restaurant, which serves a fusion of French and Cambodian cuisines. You’ll be eating dishes whose names you might not be able to pronounce, but it's a risk worth taking.

2067 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

No. 9 Park: Because you haven’t said “romance” until you’ve said it in French or Italian

And No. 9 Park says it in both. This charming townhouse in Beacon Hill serves French and Italian dishes in a cozy, European-inspired setting. So grab your lover, enjoy some foie gras, and feed each other buttermilk panna cotta while you gaze into each other’s eyes.

9 Park Street, Boston

The Melting Pot: Because you haven’t had romance in a while and you need comfort food

Gather your girlfriends and begin your wild night out on the town at The Melting Pot. While the filet mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, and cheese fondue sound heavenly, the dessert is the most alluring of all: indulge yourself with any of their chocolate fondues.

76 Arlington Street, Boston

And remember: you won't have to bus your tray, but you shouldn't forget to make reservations online.