College Life

Zhang and Boucher
Undergraduate Council

Zhang, Boucher Win UC Election with 55 Percent of Vote

Catherine L. Zhang ’19 and Nicholas D. Boucher ’19 will lead the Undergraduate Council next year after winning 55 percent of first-choice votes.

Student Involvement Fair
Student Groups

Committee on Student Life Approves 42 New Student Groups, Rejects 19

​The Committee on Student Life approved 42 new student organizations at its monthly meeting Thursday.

UC Crimson Crossfire

What You Missed at the Crimson Crossfire Debate

The Crimson Crossfire debate took place in Harvard Hall on the 12th, and it was filled with great debate points, inquisitive questions, and circular reasoning.

Lamont girl
Student Life

Tips for Pretentious Paper Writing

Stressed about that upcoming paper? We've got you covered with some easy strategies to woo your TF.

House Life

Yale Bans Outside Alcohol, Shortens Tailgates for The Game

​At this year's playing of The Game, tailgates sponsored by both schools will be shortened to two hours and more stringently restrict students’ access to alcohol.

Apley Court
College Life

Apley Court

The exterior of Apley Court, a freshman dormitory.

UC General Meeting 10-5
Undergraduate Council

UC to Pilot Gender-Focused Freshman Study Breaks

​The Undergraduate Council voted Sunday to allocate $1,000 from its First-Year Class Committee budget to provide “Gender 101” training sessions in freshmen entryways.

Sex Toys at Sex Week
Student Life

Sex Week Prepares to Stimulate Campus Dialogue

This week from Monday to Sunday, as part of the seventh annual Sex Week, students will attend discussions and panels about condoms, consent, and healthy romantic relationships.

Fall in the Yard
Student Life

Fun Activities for the Fall

It's beginning to look a lot like fall! Read on for our tips on how to enjoy the season.

Classroom to Table
Student Life

‘Classroom to Table’ Program Returns for a Third Year

Classroom to Table has returned for another year, but with slight modificiations.

Annenberg Hall

CEB Withdraws Funding for Campus-Wide Halloween Party

The College Events Board discontinued its sponsorship of a campus-wide “Haunted Hall” Halloween party this year, returning the tradition to its status as a freshman-only social gathering.

Damon Clark at Indigenous Peoples' Day
College Life

Harvard Quietly Recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Calendar

Still, some Native American students say they want the University to formally renounce Columbus Day, arguing that the Italian explorer should not be celebrated.

Harry Lewis
Student Groups

Student Groups Lobby Professors to Vote Against Social Group Policy

​Several student groups—including the Harvard Republican Club—are lobbying professors to support a Faculty motion designed to kill the College’s proposed regulations of undergraduate social life.

Faculty Meeting
Student Life

Faculty Hotly Debate Social Policy Motions, Report

At the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ monthly meeting Tuesday, professors did not mince words describing Harvard’s unrecognized social organizations.

Dean Khurana

On Social Group Ban, Khurana Keeps Quiet

​Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana all but refused to discuss a proposal to forbid membership in Harvard social groups in an interview Monday afternoon.