College Life

Craft Time

Houses Join Forces to Plan Winter Formals

Nine of Harvard’s 12 undergraduate residential Houses are planning winter formal dances this weekend, and most are teaming up to throw bigger bashes in Boston.


Islamic Society to Host Anti-Islamophobia Event

A Facebook page for the teach-in invites attendees to “come learn about Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment” in “the wake of the election.”


Ethnic Studies Advocates Call for a Department, Research Center

A group of undergraduates and graduate students are circulating a petition among students, staff, and alumni that calls for the formation of an ethnic studies department and research center.


Mumps Outbreak Grows to 5, Cases Suspected at Yale

Harvard University Health Services confirmed there were five active mumps cases on campus as of Tuesday, up from four when the most recent outbreak was announced.

The Delphic Door

Hundreds of Survey Comments Illustrate Pressure that Prompted Final Club Sanctions

The comments, which Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith sent compiled in an email to voting members of the faculty last week, represent the most extensive and candid student feedback made public during a divisive debate.

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting

121 Students Disclosed Potential Sexual Harassment to College's Title IX Coordinators Last Year

​Harvard College’s Title IX coordinators received 121 disclosures of incidents of potential sexual harassment last academic year, a nearly four-fold increase since the 2013-2014 school year, according to the University Title IX Office’s annual report.

"Harvard Against Hate"

Straddling the Divide Between Harvard and Trump's States

For students from regions that leaned more heavily toward Donald Trump, dealing with a politically polarized country in the aftermath of the election has come with new challenges.

The FAS Dean

In Anticipation of Sanctions Vote, Smith Releases Extensive Survey Data to Faculty

​FAS Dean Michael D. Smith has released five years of undergraduate survey results to every voting member of the Faculty “to further inform” an upcoming debate on a College policy that penalizes members of final clubs and Greek organizations.


Early Yardfest Artist Rumors Spur Facebook Debate

The only problem? There is no shortlist yet for the Yardfest concert.

Dean Khurana

Khurana Says He Is ‘Committed to Serving’ Undocumented Students

Khurana said he empathizes with groups that Trump specifically targeted throughout his campaign.


Fraudulent Job Postings Found on Crimson Careers

Harvard students last week received an email from the Office of Career Services warning against fraudulent job postings on the job and internship database Crimson Careers.

Student Votes on Social Organizations Referenda

Majority of Student Voters Oppose College Sanctions in UC Ballot

Sixty percent of undergraduates who voted in this year’s UC presidential election said the College should repeal sanctions on unrecognized single-gender social organizations

Dean Fitzsimmons Discusses Class of 2019 Regular Admissions

Harvard Admissions Officers Rarely Consider Applicants’ Social Media

Harvard admissions officers rarely consider the social media pages of applicants during its review process, according to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67.

Suiting Up
Student Life

Post Election, Harvard’s Clinton Staffers Face Uncertain Future

A handful of Harvard students took time off from school to work for Clinton’s campaign. In light of Trump’s unexpected victory, they say they have readjusted their plans for the future.

UC 2016 Winners

Next UC Leaders Sachee and Khansarinia Outline Goals

A "multicultural cabinet," caucuses for underrepresented groups, and mandating annual sexual assault prevention training workshops are among the among the main goals of the Undergraduate Council's President- and Vice President-elect.