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Porcellian Letter

In a letter to Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana newly-instated graduate president of the Porcellian, David T. Lawrence ’67 wrote that the club “has an important part to play in reducing sexual assault.”


Statistical Report

A professional statistical analysis, commissioned by the Porcellian Club, sharply criticized the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault’s interpretation of survey data and recommendations for action on final clubs.

Sexual Misconduct at Harvard and Other Schools

In Letter to Khurana, Porcellian-Commissioned Report Scrutinizes Final Club Statistics

A professional statistical analyst, commissioned by the 225-year old Porcellian Club, sharply criticized the Harvard sexual assault prevention task force’s interpretation of survey data and recommendations for action on final clubs.


Amid More Funding Errors, UC Considers Reading Period Rule Change

Members of the Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee will push to change the rule prohibiting the body from funding events during reading period, after the regulation generated controversy and caused multiple financial errors in recent weeks.

Border Cafe

In New Initiative, UC Hopes to Create Alternative Social Spaces

After a year of planning, the first installment of the UC’s Club 1636, an initiative to provide campus-wide social events, is set to take place Wednesday evening in the basement of Tex-Mex eatery Border Cafe.


Fly Club Letter

In a letter addressed to Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana, graduate president of the Fly Richard T. Porteus Jr. ’78 called on Khurana to recuse himself from "further discussion with final clubs."

Security in the Yard

Citing Recent Thefts, Students Call for Security Cameras

In response to recent thefts in River Houses and Harvard Yard dormitories, the Undergraduate Council’s Student Life Committee issued a memo last week expressing support for exterior security cameras outside of residence halls. ​


Foodbetter Summit Stirs Discussion on Sustainability

The Foodbetter Harvard Initiative held a cornucopia of events last week, ranging from panels with celebrity chefs to a sustainability and innovation fair, intended to promote conversations about healthy and sustainable food choices on campus.

Fly Club

Fly Calls for Khurana to Step Back from Final Club Discourse

The Fly Club publicly called for an end to Khurana’s involvement in negotiations with the unrecognized, historically single-gender organizations.

Mumps Timeline (As of 4.25.16)

Mumps Count Rises to 40, Concerning HUHS Director

Harvard University Health Services Director Paul J. Barreira said he was “more concerned now” about the spread of mumps on campus than at any other point during the outbreak.

Construction Continues
Student Life

Law School's Pound Hall Will Host Urgent Care Center

Given ongoing construction to the Smith Campus Center that will include work in the evenings and on weekends, Harvard University Health Services will temporarily relocate its after hours urgent care services to the Law School’s Pound Hall.

THUD Kicks Off Yardfest Weekend

THUD Kicks Off Yardfest Weekend

The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers kick off Yardfest weekend with a performance at Lowell Lecture Hall. The performance Friday night centered around a summer camp experience defined by a battle against the proprietary powers of Harvard University.

Dean Khurana Holds Town Hall

Khurana Criticizes Final Club Media Spotlight

Last week, Khurana, who has for the most part remained silent about the national media attention, broadly criticized popular media outlets’​ coverage of final clubs.


UC Establishes Procedure for Inquiry into Student Organization Dishonesty

In response to concerns that clubs may be misrepresenting information, the Undergraduate Council’s Finance Committee wrote a formal procedure Sunday for conducting inquiries into student organizations accused of dishonesty in their UC grant applications.

Steve Aoki's Selfie

Amid Throbbing Neon Lights, Steve Aoki Shakes Yardfest

Steve Aoki opened his set at Yardfest on Sunday not by throwing his characteristic cake but, rather, by dropping the F bomb.