College Life


Senior Class Marshal Candidates Launch Campaigns

Many of this year’s candidates say they are running for marshal to restore a sense of camaraderie that they feel has been missing since freshman year.

Winthrop's Renovations
House Life

Winthrop Fixes Swipe Restrictions for Non-Residents

After Winthrop reopened for the school year, some non-residents found themselves unable to swipe into certain areas of the building where students live.

Student Involvement Fair

OSL Places Over 50 Student Groups on Probation

Being on probation removes a group’s eligibility to apply for grant funding from the UC and prevents club members from reserving on-campus spaces.

Lowell Construction

Peer Counseling Groups Relocate During Lowell Construction

Renovations in Lowell House have forced two peer counseling groups, ECHO and Response, to seek new spaces on campus for the next two years.

Memorial Church: A Retrospection

BSA Hosts First-Ever Black Convocation

“I know that my presence on this campus and your presence on this campus is not a mistake. It is a victory," one student speaker said.

Student Involvement Fair

Activities Fair Draws Thousands of Undergraduates to Quad

While students praised the myriad offerings, administrators have expressed concerns about the priority that many students place on extracurriculars.

University Hall

Harvard’s Social Group Policy, Explained

Confused about Harvard's social group policy? Here's a brief guide.

Vigil for Houston
Student Life

As Harvey Hits Texas, Harvard Students Fundraise, Recover

“Once the news stops covering it, people forget about it. But it’s not over,” one Texan student said of the hurricane.


Kappa Sigma to Become Gender Neutral

​Harvard’s chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity has disaffiliated from its national organization and formed a new, co-ed social group called the KS.

Office of BGLTQ Student Life

College Names New Diversity Dean

The College has named Roland S. Davis its next associate dean for diversity and inclusion, ending a national search to fill the position begun nearly a year ago in fall 2016.

The Delphic Door

Bee and Delphic to Share Membership, Clubhouse

The move marks the first union of male and female final clubs since the College began targeting single-gender groups at Harvard in 2016.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

Social Group Ban Recommendation Could Be Revised After Faculty, Student Input

​The committee that proposed a ban on social groups at Harvard College will consult with faculty and students before releasing a final revised report on Sept. 25.

Faculty Meeting

Social Group Ban Revives Faculty Concerns Over Governance

The faculty committee was meant to ameliorate professors' worries that they weren't being heard—but a new ban on social groups has left some feeling more frustrated than ever.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

After Proposed Ban, Final Clubs Consider Suing Harvard

A faculty committee’s recommendation that social groups at Harvard be “phased out” by May 2022 has some final club graduate leaders considering legal action.

Fly Club

Key Events in Harvard’s Social Groups Sanctions Policy

A faculty committee has recommended that the College completely forbid students from joining “fraternities, sororities, and similar organizations”. Here’s The Crimson’s coverage of how the sanctions policy has changed over the past year.