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Tuition Revenue by Source

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Congratulations, Class of 2016!

We wish the graduating seniors all the best for the next phase of their lives.

Endowment Returns and Amount

endowment returns and sizes

Better Understanding Harvard’s Finances

An analysis of the data shows that advocates for change must be realistic and pragmatic


Social Alternatives

If the administration truly wants to reimagine social life on campus, it will have to recognize that its negative pressure on unrecognized groups alone cannot remake Harvard’s social scene. Students must have real alternatives to their current options.


True Academic Integration

We firmly believe that Harvard students should never have to compromise their academic goals to pursue their extracurricular ones—or their extracurricular goals for their academic ones, for that matter.


Exclusivity in the Comp

While this is a good idea in principle, the UC is not the best organization to lead this effort, because we are skeptical that it would be able to successfully investigate comp processes.


Making Voting Easier

Thanks to the efforts of the New Democracy Coalition and state Representative Evandro C. Carvalho, Massachusetts state legislators have a chance to join their Oregonian and Californian counterparts in making voting easier. It is an opportunity they should take.


Loosening Up UC Funding

The UC's proposal to allow funding of student events for at least the first week of reading period and the annual Arts First festival is a smart one.