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Admissions Files

Harvard Material? Yes, You Are.

Requests to view admissions files only serve to heighten an unhealthy and toxic atmosphere that can often surround Harvard admissions.


Reflecting on the Sachee-Khansarinia Year

While we stand by our critiques, no reflection on Sachee and Khansarinia’s term would be complete without recognizing, and expressing gratitude for, their successes.


Hindering Higher Education

We are extremely disappointed with this provision of the House’s tax plan. It disproportionately harms graduate students across the country who contribute knowledge, teaching, and labor to our educational institutions.


A Lapse in Tradition

We remain curious as to why the Athletics Department scheduled an architectural assessment to coincide with the most important annual event that Harvard Stadium hosts.


Across the River to Bain

We are glad to see this further development within HMC and are interested to see how Harvard’s real estate holdings will fare in private hands.


Avoiding the Perils of the Transition

Given the potential risks to Harvard, it is imperative that University President Drew G. Faust’s successor be prepared to tackle the problems of the University on day one.

Laptops in Class

Moderating Laptop Usage

We do not believe that professors should take drastic steps such as forbidding laptops in their classroom.


Harvard Should Vigorously Defend Affirmative Action

While we hope that Harvard complies with its legal obligations in this investigation, we also expect the University to make a compelling case for how affirmative action positively serves the institution.


Finding Balance During Reading Period

Despite the importance of academic success, mental and physical health should always be students’ first priority.


Farewell, Dean Dingman

Dean Dingman has served the College faithfully for many decades, but the work he has done during the 13 years he has spent at the helm of the Freshman Dean’s Office has helped transform the first-year experience.


Serving Opportunities to Serve

We hope this gift is just one of many steps in Harvard’s continuing commitment to public service.


Beating the Bulldogs

The Game offers an opportunity for students to step back from their duties and enjoy a revelrous weekend.


Sam Adams Back in Adams

We’re not trying to bring Molotov cocktails into Adams—but we’d sure like to enjoy cocktails in the Molotov.


Advising Better Advisors

We encourage Harvard College administrators to adopt a more flexible advising system, particularly for freshmen.


Challenging the Housing Binary

Although a push for gender-neutral housing is not a recent development, there is still a long way to go.