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Transparency and the Undergraduate Council

We call on the Undergraduate Council president and vice president to consult the representatives on decisions so as to better reflect the entire student body, not merely a small fraction of it.


Halting Haunted Hall

Though it is unfortunate to see one fewer Harvard-wide, socially inclusive event, the College Events Board’s decision to defund "Haunted Hall" is a reasonable one.


Paying for Free Speech

As long as speaking events remain controversial, Harvard will have to spend its money on security.


Preserving the Face of Harvard Square

Designating the kiosk as a historical landmark would go a long way towards fostering a greater sense of history and appreciation in Harvard Square, and that is something all Square denizens would benefit from.


Conquering Columbus Day

Forcing indigenous people to share a University holiday with the man who symbolizes their abuse is cruel and inappropriate.

Trump, Lobbying, and The New President

Lobbying for the Next Lobbyist

The next president should be able to guarantee resources and protection for all students regardless of their background.


Lobbying for the Lewis Motion

As these primarily unnamed organizations begin to lobby faculty members, we hope that professors are able to listen fairly to the plethora of student voices on the new sanctions policy.


Till the Song of the Puritans Dies

The 20 verses that comprise the longlist are mostly fine choices and worthy to replace the final line of the alma mater’s.

Vegas Illustration

A Predictable Shock

It is a failing of this nation that more Americans have died from gun violence in the U.S. since 1968 than in battle since this country was founded.


Standing Up for Student Rights

The protesters were practicing one of the IOP’s—and democracy’s—central tenets by peacefully advocating for what they believe to be right.

Weed and Winthrop St.

Protecting a New Joint

We join the Harvard Square Business Association in asking the Crimson Galeria owner to retract his lawsuit against a marijuana dispensary.


Science Transcends Borders

President Trump’s travel ban has detrimental effects on not just Harvard affiliates, but refugees and immigrants around the world.


Students Must Advise, Not Select

While student advisory committees are not a foolproof way of ensuring student input, it would misguided for students to ever serve directly on the search committee itself.


Including Student Voices

We applaud the University for producing a report on inclusion and belonging.


A Stand Against Exclusivity

Given the serious influence of final clubs on the social life of Harvard undergraduates, we see the faculty committee’s new recommendation to ban exclusionary social organizations, despite co-ed status, as necessary.