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The Future of Harvard Social Groups

The Crimson Editorial Board reacts to the new policy recommendation on social groups.

Harvard's Next President Image

The Next President of Harvard University

​The announcement that President Drew G. Faust is stepping down has kicked off a months-long presidential search. The Crimson Editorial Board weighs in on what we expect from the next President.

In Her Own Words: Drew Faust’s Op-Eds

University President Drew G. Faust announced she will step down after the 2017-2018 academic year. Here she is, in her own words.


Curriculum and Faculty Diversification

Want a More Robust Education? Diversify Harvard.

Harvard has long touted the diversity of its student body as an indicator of intellectual rigor, opportunity for personal growth, and the strength of its community. Efforts to broaden the backgrounds of the faculty who teach, mentor, and support these students, however, has lagged​ significantly behind.

The Square

The Transformation of Harvard Square

As far as transformative experiences go, Harvard Square has had a remarkable one. More worrying: it's becoming a Square catering to affluent tourists and students with money to spend.

Campus Free Speech

Free Speech, Not Free Rein

Any infringement on any person’s speech, however odious that speech might be, is a threat to the free expression that has fueled our democracy.

CS50 Honor Council

CS50, Be Reasonable

Academic dishonesty is an issue that is always paramount in an institution of higher learning, and we hope CS50 and the Honor Council can work together to better define the limits of the reasonable for students.


The Case For a Multicultural Center

We urge Harvard administrators to acknowledge the need for a multicultural center and to take the initiative in creating such a space for students.


Towards A More Just Immigration Policy

We call on the government to reaffirm the centrality of immigration to our nation and not to neglect its responsibility of providing human rights to all under its protection.


A Glimpse Into Reading Period

Reading Period captures many of the tensions, ironies, and contradictions of undergraduates’ experience at Harvard College.


In Support of a Fair Unionization Election

In ensuring that the wishes of Harvard’s students are carried out, the University must acknowledge the flaws in the original election and remedy them by holding a new, more transparent, one.

High Schools Subpoenaed

Subpar Subpoenas

We oppose the action of SFFA to involve high schools, as their demands bring unnecessary trouble to students who do not wish to be involved in this case.


Modernizing Harvard ID Cards

Allowing HUIDs to also serve as Charlie Cards is a welcome change. At worst, it will simply save future classes the expense of purchasing a Charlie Card; at best, it will encourage Harvard students to better explore the great cities of Cambridge and Boston.


The Advantages of a More Representative Faculty

We hope the University continues its progress in diversifying this institution, in spite of the setbacks, and creates a more perfect union of faculty and students.