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Panetta Talks Bin Laden Raid, Washington Culture

As CIA Director, Panetta oversaw the SEAL Team Six raid on Osama bin Laden’s safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a mission now considered one of the major achievements of the Obama administration.


Prof Failed To Disclose Connection to Company in Paper

Kennedy School of Government professor Calestous Juma did not disclose his connection to biotechnology giant Monsanto in a December 2014 paper supporting genetically modified organisms.


Wendy Sherman, Chief Negotiator, Talks Iran Deal

The former State Department official, who served as the lead American negotiator of the nuclear deal between Iran and a group of six countries led by the U.S., spoke candidly about the historic diplomatic effort.

Israel-Palestine Talk
Harvard Kennedy School

Israel-Palestine Talk

Stephen Zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco, discusses the impact of human rights and international law in the Israel-Palestine peace process on Monday afternoon at the Kennedy School.

Summers on Economic Inclusivity
Central Administration

Larry Summers Talks Income Inequality at IOP

The former University president recommended policies such as progressive taxation and infrastructure investment in front of a crowded audience.


Amid Crises, Experts Gather To Discuss E.U.’s Future

Academics and policymakers at the conference were cautiously optimistic about the E.U.’s ability to survive its current crises.

An Evening with Ehud Barak

'Suspect and Verify,' Says Israel's Barak on Iran Deal

Barak—a former Israeli prime minister and defense minister—called for greater American support for Israeli defense.

No Boston Olympics Organizers Discuss Their Work
On Campus

No Boston Olympics Organizers Discuss Their Work

"It's all day, all night. It's not a job it's a lifestyle," said No Boston Olympics organizer Kelley Gosset Wednesday at the HKS Ash Center for Democratic Governance. She and fellow activists Liam Kerr and Chris Dempsey discussed the importance of grassroots movements among local residents in their campaign against the 2024 Boston Olympic bid.

No Boston Olympics Organizers Discuss Their Work
Harvard Kennedy School

No Boston Olympics Organizers Discuss Failed 2024 Bid

The grassroots movement against Boston's bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games was key to its failure, a Kennedy School of Government panel argued Wednesday.


Experts Debate Iran Nuclear Deal

The three participants in the discussion differed in how they weighed the concessions made by the United States and its partners in the deal against the at least temporary deceleration of Iran’s nuclear program.

Central Administration

Harvard Works with Feds To Establish University in Vietnam

Fulbright University Vietnam will expand on the existing Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, a public policy master’s program that the Ash Center at the Kennedy School established in 1994.


Shorenstein Center Names Fall Fellows

Three more journalists will join the Kennedy School of Government's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy as fellows this fall.

City Politics

Institute of Politics Names Six Fall Resident Fellows

The IOP announced on Thursday its fall class of resident and visiting fellows, which will include Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy R. Sherman and longtime CNN anchor Candy A. Crowley.

Central Administration

Harvard Can't Fully Prevent Future Cyber Attacks, Experts Say

According to experts in cyber security, there may be nothing that Harvard and institutions like it can do to fully protect themselves from future attacks from hackers.

Central Administration

Kennedy School Focuses Its Technology on Classrooms, Not MOOCs

Administrators at the Kennedy School of Government say they are prioritizing using digital tools on campus, rather than to distribute a curriculum worldwide.

The Band at Convocation

Class of 2019: Beliefs and Lifestyles

Administrators on the Stage

Class of 2019: Academics & Extracurriculars

The View of Convocation

Class of 2019: By the Numbers

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy