Faust at Baccalaureate
Drew Faust

Faust Pens Letter Urging Congress to Protect TPS Holders

University President Drew G. Faust sent a letter to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle Friday, urging them to pass legislation protecting immigrants now vulnerable after the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status.


Levitsky, Ziblatt To Talk Trump as Part of New Gov. Dept. Program

​Government professors Stephen R. Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt will discuss their bestselling book, “How Democracies Die," at a "Gov Books" event on Wednesday.

Trade Policy at the IOP

Summers and Former Diplomats Critique Trump’s Trade Policies

A recurring theme at the event was President Donald Trump’s frequently stated interest in renegotiating and leaving international trade agreements.


Trump’s TPS Changes Could Affect Dozens at Harvard

Dozens of Harvard affiliates remain uncertain about their futures after government officials announced changes to the Temporary Protected Status program this month.

Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Professors Speak Out Against Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment

Several HKS affiliates said President Trump’s recent comments were not only disappointing but damaging for the future of institutions like the Kennedy School

The Lightning Rod

HLS Prof. Dershowitz Becomes Loud Trump Defender

In recent months, professor of Law emeritus Alan M. Dershowitz has emerged as one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal intellectual defenders.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Surgeon General Discusses Opioid Abuse at HSPH Event

Adams called for a multifaceted approach to the epidemic that tailors treatment to the specific needs of every patient.

Admissions Office
Student Life

Experts Disagree on Motivation for DOJ Harvard Probe

As the DOJ probe into Harvard’s admissions practices stretches into at least its fifth month, experts disagree over whether the investigation is politically driven.


After Trump, Some Undergraduates Reassess Government Career Plans

After a controversial political year and this week's government shutdown, several undergraduates said they are rethinking their interest in pursuing government careers.

Women's March 2018

Protesters Flood Cambridge Common for Women's March

Cambridge Common flooded on Saturday with men and women clad in pink hats as part of a nation-wide weekend of Women’s Marches.

To Serve Better Thy Country

Faust Asked Congress to Resolve DACA Before Gov. Shutdown

University President Drew G. Faust sent a letter to House and Senate leadership asking for “immediate attention” to protections for undocumented youth.

Students of Color in the 2016 Elections

Teaching Trump

At a university derided by some as a "Kremlin on the Charles," President Donald Trump's election is casting some classes and curricula in a new light.

Commencement Celebration

Students Criticize Proposed Elimination of Loan Deductions

Graduate students say they are concerned about the tax plan’s “devastating” elimination of deductions for interest on student loans.


Panelists Discuss Robert Kennedy's Legacy

“That spirit of unity, of empathy, of having a moral compass is what all the leaders miss today. We don’t have those elements in our leadership core,” Matthews said.

Sally Q. Yates

Former Deputy Attorney General Yates Criticizes Trump At IOP Event

“Our standard for our president shouldn’t be, ‘Anything short of a felony is okay,'" she said.