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Drop the Napkins, Punk!

Environmentalism inconveniences people more than necessary, and this flap over napkins is the latest example.

The Culture War

When conservatives decry our culture’s decline, they’re fooling you, liberals warn. “Conservatives are using moral panic over girls ‘going wild’

A Dull Diversity

This year’s freshmen are the most racially and economically diverse first-year students ever. One-fifth are Asian, one-tenth Hispanic, another tenth

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

HARTFORD, Conn. — Think of an intern in a think tank. He tries to think, but his mind goes blank.

Dump Dodd—Then What?

MANCHESTER, Conn. — Next year, Senator Chris Dodd may shave his pompadour. Last week, Quinnipiac University released a poll in

One Brief, Shining Moment

EAST HADDAM, Conn. — In 1958, lyricist Alan Jay Lerner ’40 suggested to composer Frederick Loewe that they turn T.H.

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The Hartford Tea Party

HARTFORD, Conn. — On July 4th, one thousand rebels rushed the state capitol, shouting the battle cry: “Throw the bum

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Fuzzy Math

Hartford, Conn. – Question 1: Connecticut needs $8.8 billion to balance its budget. Should the state A) raise taxes or

Jesus Christ, Registered Lobbyist

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Into purgatorial fire, the United States District Court of Connecticut must cast one of two souls, the

Crimson in the Streets

Paint-can drums thundered and homemade signs shuddered outside the Holyoke Center last Thursday as the Student Labor Action Movement protested

The Boredomization of Politics

You’re dozing in a Government class when the professor calls on you. “How were the readings?” he asks, and you

Rockefeller Republicans

“Michael Steele should be raising money, instead of hip-hop-itizing the platform,” former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell told the

Death of a Harvard Man

Amid comfy floor pillows and freshly baked cookies, students gathered at the Women’s Center last week to discuss “Masculinity at

The Best and Brightest

Standing in Obama’s Cabinet is a collection of Ivy Leaguers. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner— a Dartmouth grad —heads an economic-policy