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Editor's Picks 2009

Arts execs take a break from ranking Radiohead vs. Spoon to rank... whatever they feel like.


A Christmas Carol

Though released just a week shy of Halloween, Robert Zemeckis’ beautifully animated “A Christmas Carol” proves itself the perfect ghost ...


Bright Star

Elaborate costumes, gorgeous cinematography, British accents, a doomed romance—on paper, writer and director Jane Campion’s “Bright Star” contains all the


Jonah C. Priour ’09

If you’ve ever seen a Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club production, you’ve likely seen Jonah C. Priour ’09 on stage. The actor,


Hitting the Comic Books

Perched atop Dr. Manhattan’s Martian crystalline palace, “Watchmen” hero Laurie Jupiter gazes deeply into his white eyes. She pleads desperately


Film Critics Toast Year at Brattle Theatre

“There is no better time to be a film critic than now, because films have never been better,” joked Boston


"Let The Right One In"

“Let The Right One In” is one of the most bizarre movies I’ve seen in a long time, but it’s


Lance Hammer Debuts at HFA

Particular landscapes can have a strong emotional impact on artists, and for first-time writer and director Lance Hammer, who screened


American Teen

“American Teen” is a simultaneously humorous and heartbreaking look at the challenges teenagers must overcome in their senior years of

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Book Collections Net Prizes

Two students received the Philip Hofer Prize yesterday, an award given to students whose personal collections of books or works



Wow. How does one describe Björk’s music video for her single “Wanderlust” in words that are commonly used in the


SPOTLIGHT: Laura M. togut '08

Laura M. Togut ’08 definitely has chutzpah. “A Little Night Yiddish,” written and directed by Togut, features traditional Jewish songs


Will Video Kill the College Newspaper?

Harvard-Radcliffe Television (HRTV) will be launching a new video-sharing Web site called “CrimsonClips” this Thursday. The site combines current HRTV


New Film Marries Suspense and Comedy

Chris Cooper is one of those actors who, despite co-starring roles in dozens of films, may trigger only a vague


Diary of the Dead

Technophobes and luddites, rejoice! You finally have a pretty good zombie movie to call your own. George A. Romero’s most

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven