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Student Groups

January Term Gains New Coordinator, Limited Funding

The Undergraduate Council will allocate a portion of its term-time student activities budget to funding student-initiated events occurring on campus during the last week of January Term, according to UC President Johnny F. Bowman ’11.

Student Life

College Renews Student Life Fund

The Student Life Fund has been renewed with $50,000 for the current academic year, according to an announcement by Dean of the College Evelyn M. Hammonds last Thursday.




College Names New APO Director

Adela Penagos, an assistant dean at the University of Notre Dame, has been named the new director of Harvard’s four-year-old Advising Programs Office.


UC Reform School

The tone was somber at the Undergraduate Council’s final meeting of the fall semester.

Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds

A Second First Year

Evelynn M. Hammonds started her tenure as the Dean of Harvard College last year dealing with a massive power outage on the first day freshmen arrived on campus—the beginning of a string of difficult and unpredictable circumstances that would shape her first year as dean.


The January Experiment

Just four years ago, many members of the Harvard community anticipated the newly-developed January Term as an opportunity for undergraduates to participate in a range of creative and exciting programming on campus.

Undergraduate Council


Former Undergraduate Council President Andrea R. Flores ’10 swears in newly elected President Johnny F. Bowman ’11 during a Dec. 10, 2009 ceremony after a controversial UC election that pitted Bowman against George J. J. Hayward ’11.

Obama Celebration

Obama Celebration

News of Obama's election in the fall of 2008 brought about celebration among most of the students at Harvard.

College Administration

Despite Improvements, Issues Remain With Sexual Assault Procedures

While using fact finders has solved some of the issues with the Ad board’s sexual assault policies, many believe there are still fundamental flaws in the adjudication process that need to be addressed.


Victims Stay Silent on Sexual Assault

Last spring, Ryan found himself outside late at night, alone with his boyfriend, who had just consumed nine shots of tequila.

Student Life

OSAPR To Receive University Funding

The College’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response will officially offer its services to the entire University starting in the fall, according to OSAPR Director Sarah Rankin.

J Term

Co-op J-Term Policy Unchanged

The College administration is not significantly altering its January Term policy for students living in the Dudley House Cooperative, despite an Undergraduate Council position paper calling for a change.

J Term

Student Groups Plan for J-Term

Student group leaders have responded positively to the College’s decision to allow all students to return to campus more than a week before spring classes begin.

Student Life

New J-Term Plans Released

During next year’s January Term, all undergraduates will be allowed to return to campus eight days before classes begin, Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds announced Friday.