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Harvard Focuses on Africa

Today in Photos (10/25/10)

Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away

Harvard found its best results this weekend at the Women’s Regis Bowl, where an all-female quartet placed second. Co-ed Crimson teams had mediocre weekends at the Central Series Four and Smith Trophy.

15 Questions with Chester French

Last month, Harvard-grads-turned-rock-stars Chester French released their premiere album, “Love the Future.” They also made a few “colorful” additions to


IOP Hosts Expert on African Affairs

Bush administration HIV prevention and foreign aid programs have had a lasting positive impact on African nations, said former Bush

Foreign Grads Return Home

Substantial numbers of highly skilled immigrant workers have begun leaving the United States for their home countries, potentially damaging the

Gregory B. Craig ’67

On a November night in 1964—just as the sun was rising outside Leverett’s McKinlock Hall—the fire alarm blared, and William

What Kind of Game Goer Are You?

For one weekend a year (the one coming up, just fyi), Harvard students do something crazy—they go to a football

B. a Good Drunken Snacker

Noch’s, Felipe’s, and the Kong, move aside—another Harvard food joint is trying to woo hungry late-night patrons. B. Good kicked