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Nikhil R. Mulani

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Fathomless Waters

Can I escape the tyranny of societal meaning and, as much as is possible, replace it with meaning that I create with others, out of passion, understanding, and love?


Intended Consequences

But the wildlife wasn’t just a dream; it was Lake Forest’s most crucial addition to my childhood, a vital way to fulfill my youthful desire for exploration, and one of the only things my parents could not have given me in a city.


Slow Tango in South Seattle

“Frasier” counters the popular narrative of a “separated” life, in which the household and workplace are holding us back, and replaces it with a convincing argument that embracing and understanding personal history is key to moving forward.


Cover Story

Covers give a strangely pleasant sense of displacement, like being in two places at once.

Summer Postcards 2013


Summer Postcards 2013

Tiny Place

My friend who showed me around the town on my first day described it as “homogeneous.” He’s right, but it’s homogeneous in a fairy-tale way that makes it all strangely enchanting.


Does Freedom of Association Permit the Boyscouts of America to Restrict Membership?

The fewer policies that the Boy Scouts of America has regulating membership, the better the organization will fulfill its goal of spurring personal growth in teenage boys.


Sustainable Spending

Support for entitlement programs does not necessarily entail ignorance of fiscal responsibility.


Reviving Democracy

The question we must ask ourselves is why the interests of corporations are not aligned with the interests of society.


Equality Isn't Simple

Our country has a complex case of gender inequality. It is caused, in part, by our eagerness to cast success as a purely individual endeavor, unrelated to societal standards—to declare that placing a high value upon family is tantamount to embracing an “ambition gap.”

Summer Postcards 2012

Night at the Airport

No one is arguing with the attendant at the ticket booth anymore. It’s the resigned silence of a crowd of people whose flights—and re-booked flights—have been cancelled and delayed since 7 a.m. in the morning.

Summer Postcards 2012


Summer Postcards 2012

Appalachian Dislocation

Instead of smokestacks, I was greeted by neo-medieval architecture and an eccentric cultural atmosphere.


Hoping for a Heart

Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion on the Affordable Care Act reveals a desire on his part to preserve the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. However, it leaves open the question of whether he may merely be attempting to set the legal groundwork for the dismemberment of future regulatory and social welfare programs.


Reconceiving Intervention

In order to prevent future interventions from becoming botched in the manner seen in Haiti and Afghanistan, the international community will have to overhaul its approach to training policy-makers and development officials.

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Class of 2015, By the Numbers

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

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The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’