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Combating Domestic Violence

In the 18 years since VAWA was first passed, it has provided highly successful data-driven solutions to domestic violence—now is not the time to stop its remarkable progress.


Targeting Online Piracy

Pirates who download a music album from a website like Megaupload are exactly like thieves who steal CDs from stores—except that there are no security cameras to catch them in the act.


America Un-Invents

While the patent system is failing in many areas, the America Invents Act (AIA), despite Obama’s glowing praise, does little to fix the most pertinent issues currently facing our country's process of protecting and tracking intellectual property.


The Invisible City

Dorsey has stepped in to create an invisible and vibrant infrastructure all around us that plays counterpoint to the aging and decrepit one we inhabit, and hopefully our elected officials will follow his example.


Are You Not Entertained?

"Are you not entertained?" roars Maximus after killing yet another opponent in the African stadium. The crowd of poor plebeians ...



Student Life

Protect Your Facebook Account

Is your Facebook profile under persistent siege? Have you spent hours erasing traces of status updates and wall posts that you definitely didn't post? Then you, like many other Harvard students, have probably had your account hacked using the popular Firesheep tool. This week Facebook began rolling out a new security setting, which, if activated, can protect your account from this type of attack. As this security setting will be released over several weeks, you may be unable to change it now. Check your "Account Security" page intermittently to see if Facebook has made this security setting available to you.


CDs Say ‘Goodbye,’ Kanye West Says ‘Hello’

It’s time for record labels to catch up with the times.

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall
Federal State Relations

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall Calls For Reform

Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court Margaret H. Marshall delivered a talk on judicial reform in the United States in Memorial Church last night.