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Comics Artists Discuss Islam

This Friday, April 29, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Center for Middle Eastern Studies will host “Islam, the ...


TV on the Radio’s Unpolished Power

Rock band hypnotizes with stunning live sound


Gunn Aims to Discomfort His Audience

Director James Gunn enjoyed making “Super” as a response to the traditionally clear-cut morals and lack of consequential reality in the superhero genre.


'Mr. Chartwell' Offers Innovative Take on Depression

Misery loves company—so the saying goes, but the opposite is true in Rebecca Hunt’s debut novel, “Mr. Chartwell.”


Unpredictable ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Exceeds Expectations

For a legal drama starring a man best known for running around shirtless on the beaches of Malibu, “The Lincoln Lawyer” is surprisingly engaging and suspenseful.

On Campus

‘Atlas’ Art Exhibit Maps Emotion

“Atlas” unites memory, history, and geography in a distinctive exhibit that explores the impact of the physical world on thought.

On Campus

The Yeomen of the Guard

Among the Savoy Operas, “The Yeomen of the Guard” stands out for its dark yet comedic tone.

Food and Drink

Using BoardPlus Over Break

Are you on campus for spring break and desperately searching for food? Dining halls may be closed, but there are still plenty of on-campus eateries that are open and accepting both BoardPlus and Crimson Cash.

On Campus

Thoughful Escapism

This smart, relevant play, which plays at the Loeb Experimental Theatre from March 10-11, confronts the strong hold that technology has over modern society and one man’s attempt to escape a world devoid of meaning.

Harvard Kennedy School

HKS Panel Debates News

A group of foreign correspondents, radio hosts, and museum curators emphasized the importance of global citizenship while also taking the tastes of local audiences into account in two panel discussions at the Harvard Kennedy School yesterday.


Quirky, Witty 'Bruno Littlemore' Enthralls

Written as a sprawling memoir, the novel chronicles 25 years in the life of Bruno Littlemore, a talking chimpanzee—educated, artistic and a convicted murderer.

On Campus

Sousa Retells Myths in Film

Dan Sousa is not a typical animator. Instead of creating films with strong narrative structure and central characters, he prefers to captivate his audience with an immediate visceral reaction.