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Hong Kong Protests

Why You Should Care about the Hong Kong Protests

After a century of colonial rule, the people of Hong Kong deserve better than the farce proposed by Beijing.




Laughter Unchained

That was my “Django Moment”: the point I realized that I should never have to rely on a film to alert me of my false way of studying history and observing current events.


The Wrong Side of History

It is time for America to do the right thing and work toward establishing a state of Palestine, even if that means ignoring the more aggressive demands of Israel.


Racism Across the Pond

The growing support for the right wing in Europe is terrifying, and we must be wary of the future of multiculturalism in Europe: It does not seem that the surge in right-wing fanaticism is a short-term phenomenon.


Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Harvard

College is meant to be the best time of our lives—so we should stop fussing, relax a little bit, and make it the best time of our lives.


The Utility of Race Jokes

We need a practical solution to racism, and race-based humor and embracing stereotypes is a great way to conquer racism.


Homeless in Harvard Square

It is easy to scoff at the excuses that some homeless use to wring some money out of you. However, there may be more to their claims than most of us give them credit for.


All of Us Are 'Hooligans'

I do not defend the actions of dictators and those who wish to infringe upon our rights, but I refuse to defend our general naivety about our own rights violations, which allows us to have an uninformed, condescending attitude towards the rest of the world.


Was This Part of the Plan?

In no way do I wish to diminish or detract from the horrifying incidents in Aurora, but the manner in which we fail to pay attention to key underlying problems in American society thanks to our obsession with sensational news stories is worrying.

Summer Postcards 2012


Summer Postcards 2012

Neglected Elegance

I have spent hours sitting in the souq watching burqa-clad women hustle to prayers, young children try to sell me silver bracelets and German tourists struggle to haggle for sheishas using a combination of broken English, Arabic and German.


Housing Heartbreak

Every house has its merits and deficiencies, but the bottom line is that there is no such thing as bad housing at Harvard.


Clegg and the Lords

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's suggestion to reform the House of Lords has merit and is a key policy for the Liberal Democrat Party. However, Clegg’s moves could destabilise the governing coalition and diminish the power of the House of Commons in the long term.


War and the Israel Lobby

The growing sound of drumbeats on Capitol Hill over Iran is a symptom of the influence of the Israel lobby rather than the demands of the situation at hand, and the U.S. should avoid getting involved in a potential war with Iran at all costs.

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