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Kirin Gupta

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Crackle, Spark

Kirin Gupta remembers laying electric lines in the Amazon with a woman named Nancita.


Pilgrimage to Manasarovar

Kirin Gupta shares her grandmother's story.


Facebook as Memoir: Identity & Self-Archivalism Today

Kirin Gupta investigates the cultural practice of "self-archiving."


“No white people allowed:” The Power of a Separate Space

Kirin Gupta explains the importance of defining a separate space that is one's own.


No footnotes

Kirin Gupta reflects on the way we compartmentalize our identities.

Harvard Not Fair

Left Unheard in the Debate

Many today feel uneasy when talking about Asian-Americans and affirmative action—and understandably so. Asian-American students in today’s education system share that anxiety.


Obama: Not a Word About AIDS

If our lawmakers won't face facts, it is up to students and constituents across the U.S. to make it known that they are, in the most urgent matters of life and death, continually falling short.


Boycott Le Meridien Cambridge!

The Student Labor Action Movement stands in solidarity with the workers at the Le Meridien fighting HEI’s unethical labor practices in unfair layoffs, mistreatment of workers, and union busting.