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In First Meeting, Committee Discusses Reevaluating Difficulty Score

Faculty members and undergraduates discussed revisiting the decision to no longer display course difficulty scores on Wednesday at a Committee for Undergraduate Education meeting.

Gen Ed Town Hall

First Town Hall Reflects Confusion about Gen Ed

The meeting was hosted in Eliot House by the committee tasked with reviewing the Gen Ed program and producing a report assessing its current state.


EdX To Offer High School Level Courses

Twenty-seven courses primarily covering Advanced Placement material will be used as a supplement to traditional high school courses.

First Day of CS50
College Administration

CS50 Introduces New Integrity Policy, Bypassing Ad Board

Students who violate academic honesty standards in CS50 may no longer be referred to the Ad Board for investigation, under a newly formalized “regret clause."

Harvard in the World

Amidst Competition, HarvardX Turns to New Marketing Strategies

HarvardX faculty and administrators are applying a variety of marketing strategies to spread the word about the courses they offer.

Meet Michael P. Burke, The Registrar

With New Catalog, Admins Hope To Re-Invent Browsing Experience

Administrators hope a new course catalog tool will spur students to reflect on their educational goals when searching for courses, even as some professors worry that more targeted search tools will limit exploration.


Student Billing System To Roll Out in November

The creation of this student system is one of the first steps of a larger effort to centralize existing web systems and make it easier to pay bills, submit study cards, and register online.


Gen Ed Review Committee To Hold Town Hall Meetings

The meetings will contribute to a report assessing the state of the Gen Ed Program.

First Day of CS50
Computer Science

CS50 Logs Record-Breaking Enrollment Numbers

Nearly 12 percent of Harvard College is enrolled in one course, according to data released by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar’s Office Wednesday.


Ad Board Cracks Down on Simultaneous Enrollment

The policy change comes after a five-year uptick in petitions for simultaneous enrollment.


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out

Part III of The Crimson’s survey of the Class of 2018 examines the academic and extracurricular pursuits of the incoming freshmen.

Undergraduate Council

UC Negotiates with Administrators to Reverse Q-Guide Changes

Over the summer, members of the Undergraduate Council negotiated with administrators in an effort to reverse the Faculty Council’s decision on removing course difficulty scores from the Q Guide starting in 2015.

First Day Of Classes

First Day Sees Crowded Classes, Imprecise Pre-Term Planning

Professor Mathias Risse said he has "given up making any predictions about enrollment" based on pre-term planning numbers after another shopping week started with students cramming themselves into classrooms across campus.


Professors Launch CS Equivalent to Math 55

The Computer Science Division will offer a new course, Computer Science 125: “Algorithms and Complexity,” as a more advanced alternative to existing theory courses, starting this fall.


FAS Names New Development Head Mid-Campaign

Vice President of Management for the University of Alberta O’Neil A.S. Outar will take over as the new senior associate dean and director of development for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a shift in leadership that comes nearly a year after the FAS launched its campaign for the Arts and Sciences.

Divest Harvard Assembles

Arrested Divestment

Echelman string sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting the Town: Boston's Big Art


ISIL is Not the End of the World

Difficulty Defining

The Difficulty of Defining Difficulty