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Professors Launch CS Equivalent to Math 55

The Computer Science Division will offer a new course, Computer Science 125: “Algorithms and Complexity,” as a more advanced alternative to existing theory courses, starting this fall.


FAS Names New Development Head Mid-Campaign

Vice President of Management for the University of Alberta O’Neil A.S. Outar will take over as the new senior associate dean and director of development for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a shift in leadership that comes nearly a year after the FAS launched its campaign for the Arts and Sciences.



Summer Postcards 2014

Alimentación, or “Feeding”

But since taking my first steps into this dusty, golden, hot country two weeks ago, a few things have changed about my relationship with Madrid.


Amid Tensions, University Battled Gender, Racial Issues

Harvard students rallied behind movements demanding change on campus, sparking a wave of dialogue and discussion over the treatment of minorities and women at the College.

Dean Smith at Convocation
Interfaculty Initiatives

Education and the Campaign

As Harvard seeks to improve its teaching and learning practices through the campaign, some faculty members wonder where the school’s innovation is headed.

Year in Review - Rob Lue

The 21st Century Pedagogue

FAS’s administrator en vogue, Robert A. Lue is at the forefront of Harvard’s mission to be on the pedagogical cutting edge.

Class Day 2014 Speaker
Class Day

Sandberg Urges Graduates To Open Themselves to Criticism, Seek Truth

Sheryl K. Sandberg ’91 called upon the College's Class of 2014 to be open to criticism and “see the truth and speak the truth” about discrimination in society today.


Students, UC Outraged at Decision to Withhold Course Difficulty Ratings

Responding to what Undergraduate Council President Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 described as possibly “the dumbest decision” he has seen administrators make this year, undergraduates expressed outrage Friday about a recent announcement that the Q Guide will no longer display course difficulty ratings.

College Administration

Q Guide Will No Longer Display Difficulty Score, Harris Says

The decision was officially made during a Faculty Council meeting on September 25, according to Secretary of the Faculty Susan L. Lively.

Sean Kelly
Gen Ed

Early Inquiries Point to Misunderstanding of Gen Ed, Review Committee Chair Says

The chair of a committee recently convened to review the Program in General Education said that students often do not understand its goals or how it differs from distribution requirements.

Undergraduate Council

HUIT Team Charged with Developing Student Information System Seeks Feedback

A team of Harvard IT staff tasked by the Registrar’s Office to develop the Student Information System, a new online platform for course planning and registration slated to launch for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the fall of 2015, has been meeting with students and faculty members to explain its vision for the system and gain feedback from future users.

College Administration

Registrar’s Office To Launch New Course Catalog in 2015

The move is part of a larger plan to launch a centralized student information system, which will provide one online platform for students across all 12 Harvard schools.

Incident at Lamont

Police Detain Man in Lamont Implicated in Domestic Dispute

No charges were ultimately pressed, according to Jeremy Warnick, director of communications for CPD, though the man in question was removed from the scene in handcuffs.

College Administration

In Light of Honor Code Proposal, Working Group Discusses Integrity Conversations

The ad hoc group is working to identify possible points during the undergraduate experience to start conversations about academic integrity.

Dance at the fair

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

Freshman Survey Cover

Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

Academic Fair at the Plaza
On Campus

Opening Days