Faculty Council Votes to Refer Sanctions Motion to Faculty Committee

Instead voting in favor of or against the motion, the Faculty Council recommend the motion be taken up by a committee of faculty, staff, and students tasked with examining the policy.


Music Department to Adopt New Curriculum Beginning Fall 2017

The Department of Music will adopt a new undergraduate curriculum beginning in fall 2017, decreasing the number of courses concentrators must take and making more courses eligible for concentration credit.


Dude, That's Rude: Lecture

Life is hard, lecture is harder, 9a.m. lecture is hardest. We’re not in the mood in these moments of struggle, so if you do any of these things, expect us to tell you: Dude, that’s rude.


Twenty-Six Students Awarded Fulbright Scholarships

This year marks the first time in three years that Harvard fell behind some peer institutions in producing Fulbright Scholars.

Cornel West
Student Groups

Harvard Professors Sign Statement Endorsing ‘Freedom of Expression’

The publication of the statement follows a recent highly-publicized confrontation between Middlebury College students and controversial social scientist Charles Murray.

University Hall

New Faculty Motion Opposes Enforcement Plan for Sanctions

A professor tasked with reevaluating the College's social group policy filed a motion opposing a proposed requirement that students sign a document affirming they do not belong to a single-gender final club or Greek organization.

The FAS Dean

FAS To Run ‘Reasonably Small’ Budget Deficit

​The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will run a budget deficit in the coming year, according to FAS Dean Michael D. Smith.

Sachee and Khansarinia
Undergraduate Council

UC Leaders Have ‘Concerns’ About Social Group Policy Recommendations

Members of the Undergraduate Council met with Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana on Tuesday night to discuss the recommended expansion of the College's penalties on members of single-gender social groups.


Economics Department Looks to Hire Faculty, Increase Department's Diversity

The Economics department has been working with Psychology professor Mahzarin R. Banaji to recruit female faculty and faculty of color.


Gov Department to Lose a Second Female Professor

The Government department will lose its second female professor in a single year—a trend department administrators hope to combat with future hires.


Economics Doctoral Students Received Confidential Information About Admitted Peers

​A spreadsheet containing personal information and confidential evaluation data about admitted Economics doctoral students was mistakenly sent to current graduate students in the department.

Harry Lewis at Commencement 2015

Harry Lewis To Retire After 46 Years

​After this semester, computer science professor and former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 will teach only two more semesters before he officially retires on July 1, 2020.


Amazon Service Glitch Downs Canvas, Alarms Students

The disruption in Amazon’s web services, which began at noon and lasted for roughly five hours, temporarily downed large swathes of the Internet, including popular sites Netflix, Airbnb, and Slack, The Seattle Times reported.


FM Imagines: Emails From Leslie Kirwan

Everyone's favorite inbox update.

Durba Mitra

Challenging the Norms: Durba Mitra Comes to Harvard

In other words, Durba Mitra is already challenging Harvard norms, and she hasn’t even left Fordham’s campus yet.