Kimberly Theidon

Harvard, Former Professor Spar in Ongoing Tenure Lawsuit

Harvard has gone to great lengths to maintain the secrecy of its tenure process in an ongoing federal civil suit filed by a former professor in March 2015.

Smashing Agassiz’s Boulder

Evolutionary Biologist Puts Agassiz’s Views on Race Under Microscope

Evolutionary biologist Joseph L. Graves examined the controversial history of former Harvard professor Louis Agassiz’s views on race and human evolution.

CS50 Lecture

Harvard Moves Forward in CS50 Trademark Application

The letters “TM” could eventually adorn the T-shirts and posters seen around campus for Harvard’s flagship undergraduate computer science course.

Steph Burt: Out in Academia
Student Life

Faculty Offer Guidance on Being 'Out' in Academia

The panel comes in response to GSAS students’ calls for discussions about managing academic life while identifying as queer.


Four Graduate Schools Join my.harvard Student Portal

Four graduate schools joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Harvard Divinity School on my.harvard, the University’s online student information system, this fall.

Inelastic Demand

Students Criticize New Ec 10 Textbooks; Mankiw Defends

Students in the College’s introductory economics class are criticizing the new textbook. But the course’s professor and the textbook’s author said the new system is worth the pricetag.

Central Administration

Undergrads Uncertain About Unionization

Harvard’s undergraduate teaching assistants have hardly considered unionizing, let alone considered the implications of the NLRB ruling.

Louis Menand

English Prof. Louis Menand Receives National Humanities Medal

Harvard English professor and Pulitzer-winning writer Louis Menand will receive the National Humanities Medal for his writings on cultural history.

University Hall

Faculty Council Discusses Final Club, Greek Org. Sanctions

Members of the Faculty Council discussed single-gender social organizations at their first two meetings of the semester in preparation for a likely Faculty of Arts and Sciences vote on whether to support a new College policy penalizing the groups.​

Farkas Hall

Theater, Dance, and Media Bolsters Program with More Courses

Theater, Dance & Media continues to grow in its second year as a concentration, offering the first dance technique course for credit, a collaboration with an internationally renowned director, and a new Asian American performance class.


New American Sign Language Class Draws Significant Interest

An American Sign Language course is drawing significant interest among undergraduates.

Harvard Graduate Students Union Info Session

Grad Student Union Effort Will Not Seek ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach

​Organizers of the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers answered questions about a potential contract, saying it would not follow a “one-size-fits-all” model, and communicated the goals of the union effort to roughly 20 graduate students at an information session held Wednesday.

15 Professors of the Year

15 Professors of the Year

From Robobee creators to Latino studies pioneers, these are FM's picks for the 15 Professors of the Year.

Central Administration

Harvard, Graduate Student Union Representatives Meet Officially Following NLRB Ruling

University labor representatives and graduate student union organizers did not create a formal neutral agreement during their first official meeting on Sept. 9, according to union spokesperson and Ph.D. student Jack M. Nicoludis.

Course Enrollment Graph Fall 2016

Ec. Surpasses Computer Science in College’s Fall Enrollment

In the battle for Harvard undergraduates, enrollment numbers from this semester may show Wall Street still has clout over Silicon Valley.