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Facebook at Puzzle Day

Malan, Harvard Filed Separate CS50 Trademark Applications

In the past few years, CS50 instructor David J. Malan '99 and the University have filed contradictory applications to trademark the course, a set of public documents indicate.

Weatherhead Conference

Seniors Present Research at Weatherhead Center

After spending the summer researching around the world, 17 seniors presented their findings at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs’ undergraduate thesis conference last Thursday and Friday.


After Gen Ed Proposal, Teaching Campaign Looks Ahead

After a committee reviewing General Education recommended a program-wide section target of 12 students, members of a graduate student campaign aimed at lowering section sizes are reevaluating their priorities.


New Humanitarian Studies Course Debuts

The course, entitled GHHP 70: “Global Response to Disasters and Refugee Crises,” is intended to teach students to apply global health theory and policy to real-world humanitarian crises.

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Council Talks 401(k), Mobile Application

Graduate Student Council members approved the organization’s yearly budget and discussed smartphone applications and the potential for a graduate student 401(k) retirement plan at their first meeting of the semester.

BSC Open Forum

Committee on Undergraduate Education Discusses Gen Ed Transition

​Undergraduates who have taken General Education courses under current categories will receive credit for those classes after the Faculty of Arts and Sciences rolls out a revamped program, according to Stephanie H. Kenen, the Administrative Director for Gen Ed.


Student Travel to Cuba Grows Amid Thawing Relations

As relations thaw between the United States and Cuba, Harvard undergraduates are showing an increased interest in the island nation, though some are wary of how the influx of Americans to the country will influence the educational experience there.

University Hall

Faculty Unanimously Endorse Student Diversity

​Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to a diverse student body at their monthly meeting Tuesday, voting to endorse a report supporting racial and ethnic pluralism at the College.


Ec 10b is Largest Course for Third Consecutive Spring

Economics 10b: “Principles of Economics” is once again the largest course in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, marking the third consecutive year it has achieved that distinction, according to data from the registrar’s office.


Shopping Week Often a 'Scramble' for Faculty

A semester after the end of pre-term planning, Harvard faculty members remain divided on the merits of a course shopping week with no advanced registration of any kind.


Faculty Council Disscuses Gen Ed Legislation, Jazz Music Program

​Members of the Faculty Council on Wednesday heard proposals on new General Education legislation and a joint jazz program between Harvard and the Berklee College of Music, topics that will be presented at the faculty’s first meeting of the semester next week.

University Hall

Gen Ed Proposals Could Increase Job Security for Humanities Ph.D.s

​Each semester, hundreds of students shop one of professor Shaye J.D. Cohen’s General Education courses on the Hebrew Bible, enticed by the possibility of fulfilling a requirement while receiving an “easy A.”

Harvard Teaching Campaign Petition

Teaching Fellows Praise New Gen Ed Targets

Teaching fellows reacted positively to a recent report by the committee tasked with reviewing the General Education Program.

A Working Group for Asian American Studies

Students and Faculty Advocate Asian American Studies

A crowd of about 100 students packed into a Sever classroom to attend the first lecture of English 181A: “​Asian American Literature”​—one of the College's few courses in the field—indicating a rising popularity in the subject.

The Wait

William James Hall Upgrades Elevators, Causing Delays

The elevator is not broken but is undergoing renovation as part of a larger upgrade process begun last July. Each elevator car takes 14 weeks to update and all three elevators should be operational again in May.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes