Quynh-Nhu Le

Dare to Dye
Summer Postcards 2014

Dare to Dye

Dare to Dye

Dare to Dye

Sometimes, being abroad isn’t so much about experiencing new things. It’s about being daring enough to do all the things that you didn’t let yourself do when you were at home.

Finding the "Authentic"

Finding the "Authentic"

Finding the "Authentic"
Summer Postcards 2014

Finding the 'Authentic'

But aren't they doing just what I am: trying to find “the exotic”? What to me is remarkable is to those around me just life.


Sheila S. Jasanoff '64, Professor at Harvard Kennedy School

Although Jasanoff said that her career trajectory has been propelled by the “accidental convergence” of opportunities, her friends and family credit her personal and professional success to her kind, pragmatic personality and her creative, adaptive mind.

Homophobia and ROTC Debated, 1964
On Campus

LBGTQ Students, Supporters Addressed Homophobia

The 1988-1989 school year was marked by a series of controversies over queer issues, which ranged from an alleged assault of a gay student to a renewed debate over ROTC on campus.

The Cons of Being Asian American

Do Admissions Officers Discriminate Against Asian Americans?

There are two very well-known facts about highly-selective admissions among Asian American applicants: 1) Asian American applicants and admittances, on average, score higher on the SAT than students from any other race. 2) While the percentage of students belonging to most other racial minorities in highly selective colleges have gone up over the years, the percentage of Asian-American students has not.

Sexual Assault Meeting

Graduate Students Form Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Members of a recently formed coalition to address sexual assault at Harvard gathered Tuesday evening to craft their group’s name, mission statement, and plan of action.

Student Groups

Harvard 'Pride' Expands From Week to Month

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life, in partnership with other campus organizations, has expanded Harvard’s Pride Week into Pride Month in order to increase its thematic scope and impact on students.

SAT 2.0

What If You Had To Take The SAT Again?

Current Harvard students responded with a lack of concern when reflecting on how the newly announced SAT changes would have affected their test performance, had the College Board implemented them before they took the test.

Janelle Monáe Receives Award
Gender and Sexuality

Janelle Monáe Honored as Artist and Advocate

The Harvard College Women's Center and the Black Men's Forum recognized the Yardfest headliner in separate ceremonies on Monday.

Student Groups

ACA Has Little Impact on University Health Plan Enrollment

Barreira noted in his email that since UHS does not ask for the reason why a student elects to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, it is difficult to know how the Affordable Care Act impacted that decision.

When Women Lead

In Panel Hosted by Faust, Female Leaders Reflect On Experiences, Evolving Role of Working Women

Harvard community members packed into Sanders Theatre Monday afternoon to listen to four female leaders from various fields as they shared their experiences working in positions of authority and reflected on the changing role of women in the workplace.

English Advising Event

Advising Fortnight Provides Freshman Glimpses into Potential Concentrations

Throughout the past week, freshmen have discussed concentrations over pizza, cupcakes, and sushi as part of Advising Fortnight.

Keep Your Chin Up

To Those Who Were Rejected

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Harvard students get rejected too. A lot.

Dance at the fair

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

Freshman Survey Cover

Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

Academic Fair at the Plaza
On Campus

Opening Days