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Harry Lewis

For Second Time, Faculty File Motion Against Social Group Sanctions

21 professors submitted a motion that seeks to nullify penalties for members of final clubs and Greek organizations, renewing an effort to curb administrative regulation of the groups.

Khurana at the UC Meeting

College to Pilot Pre-Orientation Program for Members of 'Historically Marginalized Communities'

The program could resemble a proposed summer program for low-income and first generation students that Khurana rejected in January.

Acceptance Letters

Justice Department Investigation Spurs Student Opposition

The Justice Department’s decision to investigate Harvard’s admissions practices for possible discrimination against Asian Americans has left some students feeling worried.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

Social Group Ban Recommendation Could Be Revised After Faculty, Student Input

​The committee that proposed a ban on social groups at Harvard College will consult with faculty and students before releasing a final revised report on Sept. 25.

Admissions Office

Justice Department May Join Admissions Lawsuit Against Harvard, Experts Say

The Justice Department’s decision to reopen an investigation into Harvard’s admissions process may result in the government joining an existing lawsuit on the issue.

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Justice Department to Investigate Harvard's Admissions Process

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will investigate allegations that Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans in its admissions process, according to a department spokesperson.

University Hall

Seven Votes

A Harvard committee's decision recommending a ban on membership in social groups was far from unanimous.

Faculty Meeting

Social Group Ban Revives Faculty Concerns Over Governance

The faculty committee was meant to ameliorate professors' worries that they weren't being heard—but a new ban on social groups has left some feeling more frustrated than ever.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

After Proposed Ban, Final Clubs Consider Suing Harvard

A faculty committee’s recommendation that social groups at Harvard be “phased out” by May 2022 has some final club graduate leaders considering legal action.

Fly Club

Faculty Committee Recommends Social Groups Be 'Phased Out'

A faculty committee has recommended that the College completely forbid students from joining “fraternities, sororities, and similar organizations” and replace existing penalties for members of the social groups that are set to go into place in the fall.

Knock Before Entering

Fox Club Again All-Male After 'Provisional' Membership Revoked for Women

The Fox Club will not allow the nine women who had enjoyed “provisional” status in the group to become full members, marking the club’s return to all-male status.

Undergraduate Council Meeting

Undergrads Seek Role in Presidential Search

The leaders of the Undergraduate Council requested an expanded student role in the search for University President Drew G. Faust’s successor.

Students Greet Faust’s Planned Resignation with Shock, Indifference

Many Harvard students stopped what they were doing—commuting to a summer internship, waiting for a flight, relaxing at home—to reflect on the decade-long career and legacy of Harvard’s first female president.

Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
College Administration

Harvard Rescinds Acceptances for At Least Ten Students for Obscene Memes

Harvard rescinded admissions offers to at least ten prospective members of the Class of 2021 after the students traded explicit messages and memes in a Facebook group chat.

Dunster House

College Hires Resident Deans for Winthrop, Eliot, and Dunster Houses

The College appointed three new resident deans Tuesday—one in Winthrop House, one in Eliot House, and one in Dunster House—ending a months-long search.