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Noah F. Houghton

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Hamilton's America

'Hamilton’s America' Unlocks the Mystery of the Musical

Never-before-seen recordings of the Broadway performance are interspersed throughout the feature, along with commentary from prominent musicians and actors on the unique style of the show.

"Bad Hombres, Nasty Women"

Whoever Sings Best will be President: The Gregory Brothers ‘Songify the Election’

“Bad Hombres, Nasty Women,” a songification of the final presidential debate, features a great complex backing track with a fabulous hook.

The Walking Dead

'The Walking Dead': There’s a New Boss in Town

If you haven’t watched the seventh season premiere of “The Walking Dead” yet, read no further: Here be spoilers.

Cover Art for "Through the Woods"

Artist Spotlight: 'Through the Woods' with Dan Wakefield

The Harvard Crimson discusses upcoming game "Through the Woods" in a Q&A with Dan Wakefield.

Screenshot from Event[0]

‘Event[0]’ a Beautiful Game Starring a Mostly Friendly Chatbot

While plummeting towards a defunct, long-abandoned ship still in orbit around the moon, a hauntingly beautiful smoky jazz piece plays over the speakers. Once you’re on the ship, you begin your game-long conversation with Kaizen, the ship’s onboard AI.

Reigns Image

The King Doesn't Live Long in 'Reigns'

Your decisions are brought to you in the form of cards; each card, presented by a character with their own mysterious motivations, is stylishly crowned with a minimalist depiction of that character.