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To Those of Us Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Competition is in the air we breathe; from morning to night, wake to sleep, we are in constant flux with the people around us to see who has the stamina, the endurance to accomplish it all.


(Take a Trip With Me Down to) New Orleans

Leave the Yard with photos and a full stomach, but this time I was worried that I would change, that I would become this stereotypical nose-upturned snob that we Harvard students appear to be from the outside.


The Color of Piraguas

Being the product of mixed heritage – Puerto Rican and Portuguese - I was the aggregation of two diverse cultures clashing together, a tsunami that rose within a little girl with eyes the size of two very different worlds.

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Why Bed Bath & Beyond is Blue

Here, I have come to learn and to grow, to hopefully become a better person in the end; however, this does not separate me from where I began. I cannot knowingly assimilate into this shade of crimson - this hue of hollow superiority and false grandeur - after I’ve seen the beauty of the spring.


​Your Body is a Temple

Whether they may be in a prayer room in a mosque or synagogue or within yourself, the goal within any belief system —and really, the goal in life—is to find, and do, whatever makes you happy.