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Robert Miranda

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In Search of Falling Leaves

With the sudden drop in temperature came an equally precipitous golden cascade of leaves, silently floating off the dying trees, coming to rest on the worn reds of the brick sidewalks.

Loneliness Longform Primary Illustration

The Lonely Side of Harvard

Loneliness is universal. It does not discriminate. And it unfortunately is a keystone of the sought-after Harvard experience that isn’t publicized in glossy brochures.


When Ideology Eclipses Truth

Instead of standing up for their decision and following through with the principles they acted upon by appointing Manning, the Kennedy School has caved to ideological pressure.


Happiness and Ancient Limits

I’ve realized it’s important to not rely on anyone else’s definition of happiness or its often-conflated brother, success. Happiness is not always success, nor is the converse always true.


There’s a Curious George in All of Us

We’ve got twenty cafes in the Square, and similar numbers of clothing stores. We need some sense of uniqueness. Harvard Square is not a strip mall. (That’s what New Haven is for.)


Modern McCarthyism

The problem with today is not that speech isn’t free, but rather that individuals on both sides have tried to use extreme measures to insult, silence, and discredit each other.


The Razor's Edge

“Enter to grow in wisdom,” the words above Dexter Gate on Mass. Ave. remind me, every time I walk through its pillars, and “leave to better serve thy country and thy kind.” I’d like to imagine that “thy kind,” first and foremost, begins with the individual self.