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Network Aversion

Today a stranger knocked on my door and asked to walk through our bathroom in order to get into his


Phunny Physics?

Last Friday night, as most students were invading New Haven to enjoy pre-Game festivities, one event on campus was still


Meme Wars

Richard Dawkins is my hero. I read his opus The Selfish Gene in high school and it rocked my world.


The New Frontier

The time to pull the trigger on my life has finally arrived. I find myself deciding between working for five


Imagination Overdrive

Before Sept. 11, 2001 it was hard enough to pile down the jetway into the belly of a preposterous flying


Virtual Veritas

I hate to break it to the supposed premier educational institution of the world, but many Harvard teachers just plain


It's Elementary

This past weekend I spent an evening with the small children of my roommate's uncle who lives nearby. Having been


Hooked on Cryonics

If you like this cold, wet and dreary Boston weather, have I got a deal for you. Picture an unlimited


The Yap of Nap

While the salivating ears of millions of college students wait, their darling Napster is locked in battle with the monolithic


Angels in the Whirlwind

The relative quiescence of a nascent semester, the brand-new (or near-new, depending on your point of view) millennium and an

The Rack of Reading Period

Fresh from winter break, I was actually ready for the onslaught. I was prepared for a siege, ready to lay


The Christmas Lie

Like almost all children growing up in the Christian tradition, I was lied to as a child. My parents perpetrated


Canine Normalcy in 2000

My family consists of five members: my parents, my sister and Sadie, our dog. Sadie is a nine-year-old beagle, very


Rather Insane

What the hell is going on in this country? Election night gave us the most famous double-bungle in recent reporting


A Real Halloween Monster

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. One of the most terrifying infectious diseases known to man has once again mysteriously surfaced, this time