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Aquamen Zap Brown, 79-34

So what else is new? The Harvard men's swimming team ran its dual-meet win streak to 16 last night with


Goolagong Punches to Easy Va. Slims Win; Fromholtz Sweeps to Victory Over Stevens

Heavily favored Evonne Goolagong combined a potent serving punch with an artistic display of cross-court passing shots to easily advance


Fromholtz Guns Down Evert; Chris to Hike Freedom Trail

Chris Evert will have all week to walk the Freedom Trail as unheralded Dianne Fromholtz gunned down the top-seeded Evert


Swimmers Finish Second in Easterns

Bolstered by strong performances in the backstroke and diving events on Saturday, the Harvard swim team cruised to a solid


Swimmers Third in Easterns

Things didn't work out as well as the Harvard aquamen hoped they would on the first day of competition in


Swim Team to Vie for Eastern Crown

Just three weeks ago, the Harvard swim team appeared to be a heavy favorite to win the three-day Eastern Seaboard


...While Aquamen Suffer New Haven Washout...

The Yale swim team crowned coach Phil Moriarty's illustrious 17-year career with a stunning 64-49 victory over previously undefeated Harvard


Aquamen Push Over Penn As Quakers, Dominos Fall

The Penn swimmers tried to use the domino theory in Saturday's meet with the Harvardaquamen, but things didn't quite fall


Crimson Thinclads, Aquamen Remain Undefeated

Despite the loss of two star swimmers, the Harvard aquateam handily defeated Cornell, 65-48, last Saturday. The absence of Hess


Yntema Leaves Harvard for Olympics

Hess Yntema, Harvard's All-American swimmer, has decided to take a leave of absence from school this spring in order to


Swimmers Torpedo Princeton

The Harvard swim team came out of the locker room for its meet Saturday against Princeton sporting tee shirts that


Harvard Swimmers to Face Princeton

Harvard and Princeton, the two titans of Eastern swimming, face off on Saturday (2 p.m. at the IAB) in what


Boston Minutemen to Use Harvard Field for Soccer

The Boston Minutemen, the Hub's entry in the North American Professional Soccer League, has found a new home, Harvard Stadium,


Mermen Drown Green, 68-45, Behind Yntema's Aqua-heroics

A bronzed Harvard swim team, fresh from its Christmas vacation training in Medellin, Columbia, downed an inspired Dartmouth squad on


Harvard Aquamen Torpedo Navy, 74-39

Tora! Tora! Tora! was the Friday night movie that most of the swim team watched from their Annapolis motel on

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