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Hayek Praises Harvard Talent at 'Rhythms'

For her first trip to Harvard, Salma Hayek collected some unique souvenirs. As the host of The Harvard Foundation’s 21st

Harrison Ford: No Action For Me

“I’m not an action hero.” Strange words, coming from Harrison Ford. Sure, he’s aging, but weren’t his performances as Han

Executive Decisions

Soundtracking My Harvard Freshman Year 1. “Get Over It” by OK Go. An irrepressibly fun song. Somehow ended up seeing

Indian Heroine Drama Impresses

From its start, “Kalpanam” lived up to its “classical imaginations” subheading. Ravi Shankar’s sitar—a Hindustani traditional violin-like instrument—strummed in the


Saturday, November 5. Lowell Lecture Hall. 8 p.m. Tickets to “Kalpanam: Classical Imaginations” are available at the Harvard Box Office.

The Colored Museum

Thurs. Nov. 3 - Sat. Nov. 5. 8:30 p.m. Agassiz Theatre. Tickets available at the Harvard Box Office or at

Russert Draws Laughs, Dispenses Advice

While Tim Russert expressed concerns in a prior interview that he wouldn’t “quite be Ali G,” the NBC News anchor

Russert Possible Reaction To Ali G

While some in the audience were laughing when last year’s Class Day speaker Sacha Baron Cohen—known by his stage name

Meet the Speaker

On the night of the 2000 Presidential Election, NBC News anchor Tim Russert, like any good teacher, presented his material

VES to NBC: An Odyssey in Film

As the modest Lisa Hsia ’80 tells the story, it has all been a happy accident— her career path to

Hurricane Carol Blew Through Yard

While the storm that was the Red Scare had begun to blow over as the Class of 1955 entered their

Sweet Southern Birds Fly to Dudley

SWEET BIRDS OF YOUTH Location: Dudley House DATE: May 6, 7 Director: Eleni Andreadis producer: Bryan Sun This weekend, Southern

Ostara: Diversity of Women’s Participation in Arts To Be Celebrated

Ostara: a celebration of women in the performing arts Location: Harvard Faculty Club DATE: May 6 at 7 p.m. Director:

‘Raisins’ Explores Muslim Identity

Location: Leverett Old Library Dates: April 21-23, 28-29 Director: Rupak Bhattacharya ’05, John Mathew Producer: Manisha Munshi ’06 “I had

ARTSMONDAY: The Classical and Funky Meet at Dancers’ Viewpointe Showcase

On Friday night, on plain and bare black floors, before an intimate crowd of about 100 students and family seated