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The ‘Free Speech’ Agenda

At Harvard, hard-left radicals, led by Professor J. Lorand Matory ’82, claim that they are being muzzled. At last week’s

Matory’s Words Are 'Demonstrably False'

To the editors: Every single word written about me by Professor J. Lorand Matory '82 is demonstrably false (“Israel and

Plagiarism Accusations Unfairly Characterized

CORRECTION APPENDED To the editors: In her comment, “One Week Later” (Apr. 28), Lauren Schuker wrote that I “recently stood

Dershowitz: I Never Suppressed Israeli Pilots’ Free Speech

To the editors: I was surprised and disappointed to see The Crimson publish a story about Norman G. Finkelstein’s demonstrably

Discredited Charges Should Not Be Repeated

The Crimson apparently believes that plagiarism is so serious a charge that even absolute innocence is not a defense (News,

Professor Dershowitz 'Rests His Case'

I have proven beyond any doubt that what Norman Finkelstein and Alexander Cockburn have accused me of doing—properly quoting material

Plagiarism Accusations Political, Unfounded

To the editors: I simply do not understand the charge of plagiarism leveled against me by Norman Finkelstein and Alexander


Withdrawing Paulin's Invitation Unnecessary

To the editors: By all accounts this Paulin fellow the English Department invited to lecture here is a despicable example

The Petitioners' Big Lie

The new big lie circulating around the Harvard campus is that critics of Israel have been labeled anti-Semitic. The most


Debate Coverage Misses Point of Argument

To the editors: It’s bad enough that the reporter assigned to cover my speech at Winthrop House sought his first

A Challenge to House Master Hanson

In my 38 years of teaching at Harvard Law School, I don’t recall ever writing in praise of any action

Barr's 'Real Americans'

Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia--the member of the House Judiciary Committee who wanted President Clinton to be impeached even before

Chasing Clinton, Stretching The Law

T he questionable law enforcement techniques being employed by Kenneth Starr against President Clinton should be a cause of concern

Surviving in a P.C. World

I t has been widely reported that since 1988 more than half the marriages involving American Jews have been to

Defining Academic Freedom

S hould a distinguished Harvard professor of psychiatry be subject to formal investigation and potential discipline for doing research on

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’

Faculty Contributions Feature

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin

Massachusetts Hall

Graduate Students Start Movement To Unionize