Julio R. Varela


Breaking Away Off the Field, Around the Globe

When Richard C. Knight '90 was 16 years old and living in Northern England, he was signed by the Carlisle


Knicks-Celtics: One More Time, Stu

The Brooklyn Dodgers had the New York Yankees. The Dallas Cowboys had the Pittsburgh Stealers. Wile E. Coyote has the


This is Not a Farewell Column; Just Some Final Regrets

This is my final week at The Crimson, and I feel like a kid who has eaten one too many


Back to Two Goalies

Harvard hockey Coach Bill Cleary is a creature of habit. And one of his recently established traditions is the strict


Hockey Gods Rule

BURLINGTON, Vt.--While the rest of Gutterson Field House rocked, ranted and raved at the Harvard-Vermont hockey game, two older-looking gentlemen


Ivy Seniors Vs. Japan?

An American sports management company announced the plans for a football game to be held in Japan next month between


Doing the Europe Thing

I knew something was up last year when my father started buying black suits that made him look like he


It's Crunch Time for Gridders

Welcome to crunch time. Today at high noon (ESPN-TV rules), the Harvard football team hosts Princeton at the Stadium in


Sweeney's Back for the Bruins

Anyone who is a true Harvard hockey fan should be paying attention to the Boston Bruins these days. If you


Little League Moments and Fears

Something is definitely wrong. I'm starting to reminisce about my childhood as if I am no longer a child. This


The Quake and the World Series: Baseball Takes Back Seat to Safety

Never before has baseball been humbled. Never before has the national pastime been told to shut up and go hide


Two Friends Thinking Field Hockey

I am going to give my buddy Mark a call. He's not going to believe it. Mark my words, the


The Ivy Race Goes on and on

The fat lady ain't singing yet. The Ivy League men's soccer race is far from over. Harvard (5-6 overall, 2-2


Yale Cripples M. Booters' Ivy Hopes

NEW HAVEN--The game that was supposed to keep the Harvard men's soccer team in the thick of the Ivy League


You Might as Well Face it...

I don't know how it happened, but 1989 will always be known as the year I returned to soccer. Don't

Echelman string sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting the Town: Boston's Big Art


ISIL is Not the End of the World

Difficulty Defining

The Difficulty of Defining Difficulty

Reshuffling the Caseload

Unloading the Ad Board