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Politics: In Defense Of Doris Kearns

Everyone loves gossip, and Harvard University is no exception. For the last two years the focus of much of the


Barbara Ackermann: Not Your Typical Boss

B ARBARA ACKERMANN is not your typical city "boss". When she graduated Smith in 1945, she had no intention of


The Institute of Politics Has Lots to Offer, But Few Takers

The Institute of Politics is one of those unique institutions at Harvard: it has a lot of money to spend,


Politics, Press, and Primaries

C OVERING the New Hampshire primary was like watching a scene from Fellini's La Dolce Vita, where the main character


University Wants More Women on Faculty

With little more than a month left to make Corporation appointments effective for next year, the Harvard Administration has stepped


Women Join Competition For 32 Harvard Prizes

The President and Fellows of Harvard College decided Monday to make Radcliffe students eligible for 32 prizes, scholarships and fellowships


The Philosopher King

"...The man who knows the 'good', the philosopher or scientist or scholar, ought to have decisive power in government and


McCarthy Hints New Presidential Drive

Former Senator Eugene J. McCarthy--in his first visit of the year to the Harvard campus--told an informal group of about


McGovern: 'Return to Robin Hood'

Senator George McGovern (D.-S.D.) announced that he would grant amnesty to all draft resisters if he were elected president, in


Mrs. Hicks, Meet Mr. White

I t sounds ludicrous but the most exciting controversy in the Boston mayoralty race is over the format for the


Hicks Denounces Debate Refusal

The Boston mayoralty campaign picked up speed yesterday when Rep. Louise Day Hicks (D-Mass.) denounced Mayor Kevin White for refusing


Harvard and M.I.T. Share Computers; Will Save Over One Million Dollars

Harvard and M.I.T. will combine their computer centers this fall in a merger operation which will save the universities over


Harris Campaigns as "New Populist"

Senator Fred R. Harris (D-Okla.), the second Democrat to announce his candidacy for president, called for a "better distribution of


Kennedy Warns Against "Tweedledee" Attitude

S enator Edward M. Kennedy '54 (D-Mass) was introduced to the Harvard Law School Forum Monday night as "one of


Mayor White Outraces Mrs. Hicks...

B oston Mayor Kevin White surprised political experts by soundly defeating U.S. Representative Louise Day Hicks for first place in

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven