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Deepti Choubey, We Hardly Knew Ye

S eniors are still trying to do it all. During these past few weeks, our overachieving Harvard mentality has prevented

Poet Allen Ginsberg Draws Admirers

Undeterred by wet, dismal weather, more than 100 admirers flocked to a book signing by Allen Ginsberg at Wordsworth Book

Prom II

W HEN MY DATE asked me to the Freshman Formal, a wave of dread pierced right through me. Even the

Profile : Hayden F. Hirschfield '98

Concentration: Gerbil Grooming. I'm trying to do a Special Concentration. Home: Canaday and Denver, Colorado Describe yourself in three words:

De Agony of De Feet

I 'M 5' 3", and I ain't growing no mo'. I can't reach the bars you're supposed to hold onto

Stayin' Alive

T here's no place like home, especially when it comes to food. But while many students enjoyed Mom's mouthwatering meals

Take the G-Train

You can always count on first-years for a good laugh, even when it comes to something as seemingly mundane as

Finger Me, Baby

A nother Friday, another late night alone at my desk. No partying for me. That can wait 'til Saturday. Nope,

"California Soup?

declares Mary L. Naber, a first-year from Salinas, California. She's not alone. As a fellow Californian, I can vouch that