Students Discuss Shuttle Updates

UC Town Hall 2
Rishi Goel

David E. Harris Jr. listens to the concerns of students at the Undergraduate Council's Town Hall Event regarding Harvard's shuttles. As the general manager of Harvard Transportation Services, his major concern is the safety of the students.

Harvard Transportation Services is working on a new initiative to install electronic screens at shuttle stops that would indicate arrival times, Harvard Transportation Services General Manager David E. Harris, Jr. said during a Shuttle Town Hall Monday night.

The town hall was co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Council, Office of Student Life, and Harvard Transportation Services to gauge student demand for expanded services.

The town hall included presentations by Harris, Interim Associate Dean for Student Life David R. Friedrich, and Managing Director of Transportation Services John Nolan.

During the discussion, many students expressed their frustration with the accuracy of the shuttle schedule.

Samuel M. Meyer ’13 said there was a discrepancy between the schedule posted on the Transportation Services website and the real-time results.

He said the 12:20 “phantom shuttle” at the Quad was an example of when a shuttle time was listed on the website but did not actually arrive.

“Why does the information posted on your website not reflect real [shuttle times]?” Meyer said. “Who in your office decided to do that?”

However, Harris said that shuttles ran on time at least 82 percent of the time for the Quad—Stadium shuttle and 92 percent of the time for the Quad Express shuttle.

Students at the Town Hall also requested that the weekend morning shuttle be reinstated and the Extended Overnight Shuttle run more frequently.

However, Nolan said that it is challenging for Transportation Services to balance both student feedback and the needs of both Quad and River House residents.

“Understanding what the gaps in service are and trying to quantify them is difficult,” Nolan said.

According to the UC Student Life Committee Chair Michael C. George ’14, the UC has worked this semester to petition the University for an increase in the shuttle services budget after significant cuts were made in 2010.

George, who is also a Crimson news editor, is also a candidate for UC presidency.

Earlier this year, Pforzheimer resident Danielle S. Suh ’15 circulated a petition to expand shuttle services. The petition garnered more than 1,000 signatures.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:


An earlier version of this article misstated the class year of Samuel M. Meyer ’13.


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