Passio NO!

Passio GO! The literal bane of my existence. The shuttle tracking app just got a brand spanking new update in time for this school year. Apparently, the app “has been improved and is easier to use.” But any developer that has to explicitly state that its app is now “easier to use” is most definitely doing something wrong, and Passio GO!’s 1.4 App Store star rating proves as much.

Things to Do While Waiting For the Shuttle

As is the case in life, many things only happen in our dreams: finishing a pset before the day it’s due, a full eight hours of sleep, and the shuttle being there for you when you actually need it. Whether you’re going to class from the Quad or Mather, returning back home after a long day of walking, or trying to visit the new SEAS complex, the shuttle is always necessary and never on schedule. And since we’re busy students, it’s probably a good idea to be ~productive~ when spending those many hours waiting for it to arrive.

Students Complain of Crowded Shuttles, Long Wait Times

As students traversed Harvard's campus during the first week of in-person classes, some reported negative experiences on University shuttles, citing long wait times and crowded rides.

Allston Bound

Passengers board the shuttle heading for Allston outside Lamont Library. In Allston, construction is progressing at Harvard’s new center for Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Shuttle Reminder

A Daytime Van Service vehicle displays a "Remember to Vote" message. In the run up to the Presidential Elections, Harvard Shuttles have been seen around campus alternating between their destinations and a reminder to vote.

Harvard-Allston Shuttle Bridges Expanding Campus

The Allston Campus Express shuttle's daily journey bears witness to Harvard’s recent expansion into Allston.

Shuttle Service To Add Early Morning Route, Operate during Move-In

Starting this fall, shuttle service will include a 5:15 a.m. trip and increased service during move-in week and senior week.

M2 Shuttle

The M2 Cambridge-Vanderbilt Hall shuttle, which travels from Harvard Square to Harvard Medical School, drops off passengers outside of Widener Gate.

Dean on the Move

Dean Pfister hands out bookmarks to students on an early-morning shuttle ride on the Mather Express route. He gave hints indicating his shuttle ride in an email send out the day before.

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