HUDS Winter Menu Launches Early

As warm winter coats and gloves have found their way back into Harvard Square, so have student favorites like Korean barbecue found their way back into Harvard’s dining halls. These established winter classics will be joined this year by new items including a Greek pita station.

In past years, the winter menu has started after winter break, but in response to student feedback, Harvard University Dining Services launched its winter menu this year on Nov. 28.

Many students said that they are excited about the return of the winter menu.

“I’m always disappointed when Korean barbecue is only in the winter because I think it’s something HUDS does really well,” Sean T. Walsh ’14 said.

In addition to Korean food on Tuesdays, HUDS will once again feature a variety of international cuisines on Friday nights, including dishes from India, Italy, and China.


Kamil S. Chima ’15, who already experience his first taste of HUDS’ winter Chinese food, praised the new winter menu items.

“The Chinese food was really good. I didn’t know it was part of the new menu,” Chima said. “The steak—fantastic.”

The addition of Greek food comes after chef Diane Kochilas visited in October, giving students a taste of Greek items and leaving her recipes behind for HUDS to use.

According to HUDS’ blog, Kochilas will return in the spring for a visit that will be accompanied by a special Greek-themed dinner.

In response to student feedback, some of the new menu items include beef, cheesecake, grilled salmon, Indian food, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, pot stickers, tortellini, and ravioli.

Keith W. Grubb ’13 praised the diversity of the new options.

“I think HUDS is doing a good job trying to vary its menu,” Grubb said.

Walsh said that he thinks the HUDS changes were effective in sparking excitement among students. “When there are changes that are good, I notice,” he said. “There’s something to look forward to.”

While excited about the new menu, other students still have suggestions.

“Chinese food night was great. It seems like a nice idea,” John Y. C. Wang ’16 said, adding that “plenty of people say that HUDS should bring in more berries.”

According to the HUDS blog, other suggestions from students might appear on the spring menu. These suggestions include make-your-own gyros, asparagus, enchiladas, healthier brain break options, and a Brazilian barbeque.

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