Yardfest Lyrics

At a party in the Eliot Cockpit, The Cataracs (TC) are hanging out with 3LAU (3). Das Racist (DR) is ...
By Victoria Fydrych

At a party in the Eliot Cockpit, The Cataracs (TC) are hanging out with 3LAU (3). Das Racist (DR) is at an unknown location trying to find them.

3: I’ve been watching you.

TC: I see you looking, but you trying to act cool, right? That ass is epic, though.

3: Boy, you’ve got it bad, but I’ve got something good.

TC: Well, I don’t mean to come across too sexual.

3: Boy, you make my heart pound. Give me everything tonight?

TC: Man, this bottle got me saying things. Fill my cup?

3: Seems everybody wants something from me….

(stalks off to bar)

(The Cataracs’ phone rings. It’s Das Racist.)

TC: Holla back if you my homie?

DR: Where you at?

TC: Me and my best friends gettin’ shitty. If you’re not, then get to know me.

DR: Chug it, cut it, print it!! You puff herb?

TC: Boy, you get me high.

DR: Yo…me too? Dawg, I smoke weed too.

TC: Your daddy must have been a drug dealer ’cause you DOPE. We burning up?

DR: Well, I’m at the Pizza Hut! I’m at the Taco Bell! I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

TC: Ain’t fuckin’, then what the fuck you for?

DR: Relax, relax, relax, relax!!

TC: Go man, hop on my bike, can you see it?

DR: No, no, no, no. We in Manhattan! Yo, that’s where I’m at.

TC: We are here for one reason…and you know we gettin’ drunk.

(hangs up)

(3LAU returns with two drinks in hand)

TC: Bottles up, you and me. You got it goin’ on…. And on and on and on.

3: You keep tellin’ me, tellin’ me that you’ll be sweet.

TC: Won’t you take me for a ride?

3: Do you wanna kick it in the backseat?

TC: I’ll be your “Ride and Die.”

3: We outta here, jump in my vehicle!!

(Later that night...)

TC: I just did a car bomb…in the backseat of a car.

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