Rhetoric Watch: Bibi's "Red Line"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (known affectionately as “Bibi”) went for a direct hit in a speech at the United Nations last month when he sternly advocated for a “red line” to be drawn on Iran’s nuclear program: a point after which the program would no longer be tolerated.

The Anti-Word: Very

Don’t ask me why or how, but until I became acquainted with spell-check at the age of 16, I misspelled “very” every time.

The Anti-Word: Puberty

He repeats it slowly and again fumbles the first syllable, his tongue rising not quite high enough to form the right vowel: “Poo-ber-ty.”

Venn Diagram: Midterms and Midriffs

Midterms and midriffs: Wish you could switch bodies to score well.

Scene & Heard: Best Foot Forward at the ICA's First Fridays

Like so many birds of paradise, Boston’s pretty young things and cultured grand dames flocked to the Institute of Contemporary Art for its First Fridays: Fashion Forward event.

Jukebox: Fuck the Police

For those of you whose social lives are under threat from The Man, we present a playlist featuring artists who share your pain.

Freshman Outdoor North Korean Human Rights Program (FONKHRP) & Other Club Mergers

In light of the recent Hasty Pudding merger, FM proposes a few future pairings.

For the (Guinness World) Record

Harvard students are high achievers in all walks (or, more aptly, crawls) of life.

Class Marshal Mad Lib

Dear [classmate/student/senior/buddy!]

Ig Nobel Predictions (Hey, Todd Akin)

FM predicts winners deserving of this year's prize.

This Is What Talking to Your Advisor Is Like

Great options! If you choose Economics, you’ll probably end up working in consulting. If you choose English, you’ll also work in consulting, but with a firmer grasp of James Joyce.

Love It: Hawaiian Shirts

It’s time the adventurous men and women of today learned a lesson from the guys who are clearly having the most fun out of anyone: overweight tourists from remote, landlocked areas.

Five Questions With Franca Sozzani

1) What motivated you to take action against stereotypes of beauty in the fashion industry?

Hate It: Facebook Timeline

Pictures of eighth grade me do not need to be one click away. However, like a living record of shame, ...

Yardfest Lyrics

At a party in the Eliot Cockpit, The Cataracs (TC) are hanging out with 3LAU (3). Das Racist (DR) is ...

Five Questions with Matthew R. Vines

This past week, the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship hosted a screening and discussion entitled “Why the Bible Doesn’t Condemn Homosexuality.” FM sat down with Vines to discuss his research, his findings, and his vision.

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