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Juice Box

With both the holidays and finals approaching, FM is combining our traditional Jukebox and Drinky Drink features into a tasty Juice Box. Pour yourself a drink to help you get through your projects, papers, and predicaments while still getting into the holiday spirit—no straw required.

New Hope for HIV Patients

The discovery of AZT by two Harvard researchers changes the outlook of the HIV-positive community.

Iran-Contra Affair Fails to Stir Campus

Though the furtive affair captivated the nation, Harvard’s fairly liberal campus seem insulated from much of the buzz surrounding the scandal.

Yardfest Lyrics

At a party in the Eliot Cockpit, The Cataracs (TC) are hanging out with 3LAU (3). Das Racist (DR) is ...

Cribs: James R. Russell

On an especially rainy Wednesday night, Professor James R. Russell sits cross-legged on a Persian rug in his apartment building facing the Charles.

Experimenting with Progressive Alternatives

A class devoted to reinventing society, “Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today” not only crosses intellectual boundaries, but also uses modern technology to allow college students from around the world to interact in real time.

As Troops Prepare To Leave War Zone, Students Say Thank You

The Harvard College Veterans Engagement Initiative is running a four-month letter-writing campaign, thanking soldiers for their service.

Summers Critiques University Culture

Former University President Lawrence H. Summers is never afraid to voice his opinions, especially when it comes to matters of higher education. In a recent Washington Post interview, Summers addressed Harvard's issues of grade inflation, research-focused professors, and the lack of a mandatory faculty retirement age, particularly as they relate to his experiences at Harvard.

Prof. Eck Discusses New Book on India

Highlighting the inherent connection between the land and the religions of India, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies Diana ...