5 Minutes with Nicole Scherzinger

Courtesy of YouTube

After serving as host of Cultural Rhythms, serenading the audience with snippets of her songs, and dancing with Harvard Bhangra, Artist of the Year Nicole Scherzinger sat down and talked with Flyby before rushing off to catch a plane to London.

Flyby: What was your impression of the day?

Nicole Scherzinger: I walked into this thing not sure what to expect. I have never gotten an award like this. I didn't know I'd end up hosting. I was just blown away by the diversity. It was so inspiring. I got ideas for my own music, for my own tour. I had a blast here.

Flyby: For all those women who admire you and think you're absolutely beautiful, what is your message to them?

NS: As women, we tend to be hard on ourselves. [My message is] through your vision, stay true to yourself. Don’t compromise yourself. Stay strong. Especially at Harvard, through education. It’s amazing that Harvard has a woman President and a woman Dean [of the College]. I always want to empower women through music.


Flyby: Do you have any hidden talents? Any random things you enjoy doing?

NS: Impressions. I have fun doing impressions of other singers and other people. And being an Aunt. I love being an Aunt.

Flyby: What inspires you the most?

NS: Love. The passion to never give up. To seek out my true purpose.